Frontline Cabinet Design is a well-established company with over 35 years trading in the kitchen and bedroom furniture industry. The business operates nationally from modern premises in Nottingham, supplying mainly to the trade, predominantly to showrooms, property development companies, holiday home specialists and other supply and installation outlets.

As well as standard kitchen cabinets as featured in the company’s online brochure, Frontline also offers a custom-made service, capable of producing cabinets to any size, height, width and depth and in any combination.

Utilising the latest CNC machinery and technology, Frontline produces a high quality and varied range of products and has the increased flexibility necessary to meet all its customers’ various requirements. The company boasts a wealth of experience in the production of custom-made units of any size for both kitchens and bedrooms.

Frontline bedroom and kitchen cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards and feature 18mm high density MFC and 18mm MFC backs. In addition to standard edging, for an additional 10% cost, Frontline also offers 2mm edging to all front edges and internal shelves.

With a focus on a zero-glue-line finish, as well as all the exposed edges being lipped, the company needed to purchase a suitable edgebander, and it was to Fen UK based in Derby that MD, Ian MacCall, turned to.

Following comprehensive research into the various models of edgebanders currently on the market, Ian chose the Twister edgebanding machine manufactured by Austrian company, Paul Ott, and distributed in the UK and Ireland by Fen UK, because he wanted to achieve the best possible edgebanding quality. His research paid off, as Ian now finds that it is possible to achieve his aim of an entirely repeatable zero glue-line finish time after time.

Using the Twister edgebanding machine, coil materials can be applied with a seamless and professional finish, providing a future-proof, high-quality solution that can truly be claimed to work 100% of the time.

For a professional and consistent finish that is guaranteed to last, the Twister edgebander is ideal for quick processing from coiled material to solid lippings. It is capable of applying edgings ranging from 4 to 15mm and these can be applied to panel thicknesses up to 60mm.

The Twister is a heavy machine, as the edgebander is designed to cope with high production environments – all the time producing an industry-leading finish at 20m/min, straight off the machine.

Standard equipment includes a pre-milling unit and the patented electronically controlled CombiMelt glue application system. The change-over to different types of edgings is fully automatic, ensuring maximum repeatability at the same time.

Thanks to the spray finishing stations supplied by LCM, all the finishing work is completed by the machine, without the need of any manual cleaning of panel faces afterwards. Additionally there are diverse solutions available for all manner of possible finishing treatments, including the new deep grain decors becoming available.

As a manufacturer, Paul Ott started out in 1963 and began the production of woodworking machinery. Today the company continues in private hands to expand and is owned and managed very successfully by the new generation of the family, ensuring a very high level of technical service to their customers.

The Frontline team