The Comec TAC1 automatic hopper-fed, cross cut saw can be used for the volume cutting of stair wedges, stair glue blocks and also furniture parts.

The machine, which is compact in design, is fitted with an automatic hopper feed loader for continuous production that can accept material up to 200mm in width (220mm on request) and up to 1200mm in length (longer on request).

The saw blade can swivel between a maximum of ±60°, but usually for stair wedges it would be set at 0 and 3-5°. Once the timber blanks are loaded in to the hopper, which can accept up to 20 pieces of 30mm thickness, the complete feeding and cutting operation is fully automatic, with the cut components being ejected on to an angled discharge tray at the end of the machine. 

Average production output is in the region of 800 wedges per hour. For glue blocks the machine can easily be reset to cut at 0 and 45° and with a cutting depth of 100mm. To maximise production output the saw cutting height/clamping can be set so it is just above the material to be cut. Thanks to the saw cutting area being totally enclosed the machine offers a high level of operator safety.

However access for setting, maintenance and general cleaning is excellent thanks to the three electrically interlocked access doors on the safety cabin. The machine itself is of a heavy duty welded steel plate construction with all main movements for timber feeding and rise/fall of the saw being on precision linear slides and bearings, while machine sequencing is controlled through a PLC.

In addition to stair wedges and glue corner blocks, the machine can also be configured  to cut stair filler pieces in packs. Other components that can be cut on the TAC1 include furniture components such as sofa rails and chair corner blocks. On request, it can be supplied in a CN version that allows for varying cut lengths to be programmed, along with fitting of a drilling unit meaning pieces can be cut/drilled at the same time