Anderson's models range from the well known Stratos and Selexx travelling bridge models right up to a CNC series also with fixed gantries and moving tables – a range that is fully customised.

The UK sales team of RW Machines, in Bicester and Leeds, supervises everything from supply and installation through to full technical and on-site support.

Selexx and Stratos are the best known names for panel nesting. But the ‘Andi’ name is trusted across the high production manufacturing sector including users in the aerospace industry and in the car and train production sectors and for wood based panels in furniture and solid timber in architecture and construction. And also for components in a range of composite materials for everything from oil platforms to electricity generatilng plants. ‘Andi’ is well known for  an excellent price to quality ratio – the most cost efficent CNC routers in the marketplace.

Anderson’s Stratos series of travelling gantry, three axis machining centres also carry an option for an additional C x axis and provide high levels of CNC precision in a modular concept machine which is available in a wide variety of formats and sizes. The combination of a highly rigid base, steel weldments and castings and high precision servo systems combine to make Stratos an ideal choice for machining solid wood, MDF, plywood and honeycomb boards, as well as for plastics and solid-surface materials.

The travelling gantry design provides easy machine access while the  CNC controls include Ethernet options to facilitate remote technical support.  The Stratos range utilises G-code for control functions that include easy interfacing with all major CAD/CAM software and industry-standard solid modelling software packages. Work-piece holding flexibility is provided by clamping, grid or manifold vacuum options and manufacturing technology includes work-piece dimension probing, both single and dual-zone capabilities, plus custom configurations.

The Andimaxx series of moving table three axis machines ensure accuracy through the use of a highly rigid base, steel weldments and castings and
a highly accurate servo system. Andimaxx is designed for machining wood, MDF, plywood, plastics, aluminium and composite materials and its fixed bridge and moving table geometry provide easy machine access. The webbed steel sub-structure remains stiff and rigid while cutting in the X, Y and Z axes. Andimaxx is designed for heavy-duty CNC machining including both thick and thinner flat materials or autoclaved composites.

CNC controls include Ethernet options for remote technical support and an optimised C x axis is also available. Clamping includes grid or manifold vacuum systems and there is an option for roller hold-down which is designed to apply vertical downward pressure to vacuum clamping systems when machining nested components which can’t be secured by vacuum alone, or for multiple sheets of a wide variety of materials. Like Stratos, Andimaxx uses G-code for control functions that allow easy interfacing with all major CAD/CAM and industry-standard solid modelling software.

The Exxcel series of three axis machining centres with moving table centres set a very high standard for machining performance and precision. The fixed bridge, moving table design plus ‘all-magnetic’ drive motors make the Exxcel an extremley fast and accurate machining centre. The webbed steel sub-structure and linear motor drives give Exxcel extremely fast acceleration with superior accuracy plus low-vibration characteristics.

Exxcel is designed to handle high speed CNC machining plus trimming, slotting and drilling on all types of hardwoods and panels. Ethernet options provide, as well as remote technical support, an optional C axis; work-piece holding is by clamping grid or manifold vacuum system. Single and dual zone capabilities combined with custom configurations are available from the RW team on request plus a variety of line boring and spindle units in tool carousel configurations for specific applications and budgets.

There are many options for customers in need of a full five axis solution; the Anderson/RW Machines team offers a wide range of model alternatives including the Axxiom and Maxxis series providing for fully customised open gantry and bridge gantry systems. And  there is also an option on the Selexx series now for automatic pneumatic loading; the loader will pick up one sheet at a time and take it to the machining arms, positioning the panel against pop-up steel pins for the ultimate in stability on panel nesting layouts.