AXYZ International is a leading supplier of high-performance CNC routing solutions to the industrial woodworking, furniture production, joinery and panel processing industries. The Wolverhampton-based firm continues to provide customers with routers from its AXYZ and Pacer series which enable huge savings in production time and manufacturing costs to be achieved.

The routers, particularly those from the AXYZ 4000 and 6000 series, remain a preferred solution for operatives in these industries, many of whom have testified to the cost-effectiveness and performance capabilities of these machines.

At Dorset-based Minster Joinery, an AXYZ 4004 router is used to create architecturally appealing wood-based constructions.

Managing director Martin Stones comments: “The router has been used for a vast range of applications involving wood, including cut-out formers required for curved or shaped veneer work and inlaid veneers combining wood and metal featuring silver and mother-of-pearl manifestations.”

At Cardiff Theatrical Services, an AXYZ 4010 router is used for a wide range of scenery and stage constructions.

In charge of production, Darren Joyce comments: “We chose the AXYZ 4010 router because it ticked all the boxes in our ‘must-have’ list of machining requirements. We use the router to cut out a vast range of components for theatrical use involving everything from formers for wooden boxes to complex shapes fixed to timber or steel frames.”

Interior design specialist Stringer uses an AXYZ 4008 router to produce components required for the point-of-sale displays and office workplace systems it manufactures for a number of major blue chip companies.

Founder of the company, Dick Stringer comments: “Installation of the 4008 router enabled a total production capability to be introduced, with fast and reliable processing of a wide range of both solid and composite woods.”

Two 4008 routers have been installed at Leeds-based Sound Leisure.

Chief development engineer, Phil Patterson comments: “The accuracy and versatility of the routers and the speed of production made possible by these machines means we can deliver our specialist products to key customers within a time frame of days and even hours rather than weeks when more conventional methods of production were used.”

At Surrey-based Steel the Scene, an AXYZ 6010 router is employed for machining panels based on wood and aluminium for use in both stage constructions and signage. Managing partner, Barry Ashwick comments:

“Prior to purchasing the AXYZ router, we were outsourcing CNC machining at some expense and with the usual variables.

“As our machining requirements expanded to meet increased levels of business, we decided to bring these in-house. The router has enabled huge savings in production costs, a faster response capability and minimal turnaround times.”

More recently, an AXYZ 4010 router has been installed at West Midlands-based Porter & Woodman, a company that uses large quantities of plywood and MDF for the diverse range of products it manufactures for the various businesses in the group.

According to sales and marketing director, Mike Hodgetts: “The router has enabled a 100% increase in production to be achieved, speeding up the processing of existing work and allowing the introduction of new business.”

Over the past months, AXYZ routers have been upgraded with a number of new machine enhancements to further increase their production capabilities.

These have included new drive systems that greatly increase machine life expectancy, the latest A2MC Smart Console that eliminates bounce and vibration caused by sudden acceleration and deceleration and the new AXYZ Auto Zone Management System that provides a greatly improved material hold-down capability as well as reducing or eliminating material wastage and machine downtime.