A new range of Homag Ambition edgebanders was launched at the company’s Treff show in Schopfloch, Germany this September. The latest Ambition machines are characterised by the comprehensive range of equipment which comes as standard on all models. Each, for example, features a steel top pressure guide for precision work piece guidance, whilst all the trimming tools come complete with the I-system for optimum chip disposal and processing quality. These new high performance Homag Ambition machines are energy saving and environmentally friendly.

The new range has been designed to deliver improved productivity, with variable feed speeds from 16-20m/min for the 2200 series, 16-25 m/min for the 2400 models and 16-30m/min for 2600 series machines. To provide total flexibility, some of the models also come with a free space so that additional processing units such as grooving or belt sanding can be included on the machines.

“Yet again, Homag has set the bar high with its latest range of Ambition edgebanders,” claims Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director for Homag UK. He continues: “The level of kit that comes as standard with these machines is remarkable, they really do offer tremendous value for money.  Any manufacturer wanting high edge quality will find the right machine for their needs in this range which delivers enormous flexibility through the capacity to process all types of material.

“In the UK, it is likely that the 2200 series models will be the most popular in the range. However, as the zero-joint airTec technology can be integrated into the entire range, it adds to the high level of specification and performance, so there is bound to be considerable interest across the entire Ambition range.”

The Homag Ambition 2274 and 2284 can be used for gluing solid, coil or strip edges at a feed rate of 16-20m/min. The separating agent spraying unit and the jointing trimming unit ensure the optimum preparation of workpieces prior to gluing. The sprayed separating agent application simplifies the removal of glue residues whilst the jointing trimming unit provides the perfect basis for splinter-free glue joints with a consistently high standard of product quality.

Gluing units – reliable hot melt glue application
On these models, an EVA pre-melting unit comes as standard. The heated glue roller ensures an optimum gluing temperature. If required, the gluing unit can also be specified with a PU pre-melting unit, allowing the rapid changeover between two different colours or PU. Also, to allow different edge heights to be processed with a consistent workpiece thickness, the magazine height can be adjusted. For further flexibility, the airTec invisible joint technology can be specified or retro-fitted as required.

Snipping units – the perfect preparation for trimming
The snipping units prepare the workpieces for subsequent trimming. The face side can be snipped either straight or with a chamfer. In terms of trimming, there is a number of options from the rough trimming unit through to the four-motor profile trimming unit for corner rounding.

The trimming units are equipped exclusively with I-tools. This and the Homag-patented HSK interface ensure a high standard of processing quality and a long tool life. For rounded edges, the dual-motor profile trimming units permit both corner rounding and trimming of upper and lower projecting edges.

To give the edges a showroom finish, the machines have a profile scraper for smoothing trimmed edges and a glue joint scraper unit for disposal of glue residues at the top and bottom of plastic edges. The finishing touches are completed with the buffing unit which polishes up the edges.

Optional automation packages
Simon Brooks again: “For companies looking to gain even better productivity, Homag offers a couple of high yield packages to enable faster retooling. The Future package permits steplessly automated changeover between profile and chamfer, whilst the Performance package implements automatic changeover of two profiles and chamfer.

“These packages enable faster resetting, repeat accuracy and increased productivity because all changes are stepless, using controlled servo axes for precisely-positioned programmed adjustment.”

In addition, there is a nesting package for processing acute- or obtuse-angled parts or parts with hinge holes of the type produced by nesting; a foil/high-gloss package, and the PU glue unit.

For those opting for the Ambition 2284, there is the added flexibility of a free space in the machine which is available for specific equipment such as the grooving unit, the multi-scraper blade or the belt sanding unit for sanding straight veneered and solid edges.

powerTouch – the innovative control system
As with all Homag Group machines, the new Ambition range provides simple operation with reliable control via the new wide-screen HD multi-touch monitor. Driven by powerTouch, Homag’s innovative control system, the machines are easy and intuitive to use. Modern software modules supply information on the machine status at a glance and integrated help and assistance functions result in greater productivity.

“To help with the capital cost, Homag Finance offers a range of finance options based on your specific requirements,” concludes Simon. “But, of course, it’s not the investment costs which decide the economic success of your production; it is the capacity utilisation and unit costs. That is why our primary objective is to combine top class production with higher productivity and consequently lower unit costs.”

For more information or a demonstration of the new Homag Ambition edgebanding machines, contact Adele Dixon at Homag UK on 01332 856424.