The latest single-sided edgebander from the SCM Group is the Olimpic K560, a compact and productive machine. It has been designed to continuously operate on production for many hours per day.

SCM says it is the perfect solution for all companies that require high productivity when edgebanding a large number of panels at the same time, or with very short production runs requiring rapid changeover.

With a great optimum performance-to-price ratio, the K560 is a reliable edgebander with top finishing quality and productivity that even small and medium-sized woodworking, furniture and panel processing companies can now afford.

The RT-V panel edge trimming unit guarantees a perfect edge joint line, with a surface without any imperfections on the panel edge before gluing. It utilises two motors with opposite rotation and with large diameter tools (100mm). The panel edge trimming is up to 3mm thickness.

A perfect glue joint line is obtained with a glue roller that ensures uniform glue application on all types of materials. Increased productivity is up to 12% with a feed speed of 12-18m/min. Panel thickness ranges from 8 to 60mm with an applied edge thickness of 0.4 to 3mm (6mm optional).

Productivity and quality is assured with two-motor technology on the rounding and trimming unit. The features of the rounding unit allow for the double function of both simultaneous trimming and rounding operations. The two joint operations, within a single group, require less space and, together with the working distance between panels of only 600mm, gives a reduction in time for the edgebanding of panels in long production runs.

The R-K trimming unit provides three different machining operations. Rapid machining changeover between thin, thick and solid wood edges is due to the three working positions and the Combi tool that is supplied as a standard feature.

There are two choices of program control units. The Orion One Plus is simple and intuitive. The control with its buttons, customised graphics and 4in display allows for easy and error-free machining. With the Touch 7 control, just a touch is required to use the machine.

Error-free machining with the touch-screen display and its customised graphics that allows an intuitive and easy selection of the main machine functions.

Sav€nergy allows the use of power only when it is required, making the features of the machine operate only when they are really necessary. It means the machine automatically enters into stand-by mode when there are no panels to be machined at any particular time, providing optional lower power consumption, lower costs and more competitiveness.