Leading supplier of high-performance CNC routing, engraving and cutting solutions, AXYZ International, provides a wide range of routers under its AXYZ and Pacer power brands. These have been widely adopted by operatives in the furniture and joinery production, general woodworking and panel processing industries. 

A preferred routing solution from AXYZ International is the 4000 series of machines and in particular the 4008/4010 models that are widely evident in these sectors. The 4008 has a processing area of 2440mm (length) by 1466mm (width). It can be supplied with a host of both standard and optional performance-enhancing features, including an expanded automatic tool-change (ATC) facility for multiple tasking and offering both automatic and manual tool-change functions.

AXYZ routers now have the option of a host of machine upgrades to further enhance their performance capabilities. Arguably, the most significant of these is the AXYZ Auto Zone Management facility that ensures the material being processed is always held securely throughout the cutting process to provide optimum accuracy and a superior cut finish. In addition to greatly enhancing material hold-down efficiency, the facility eliminates material wastage as well as reducing machine downtime caused by incorrectly set vacuum valves.

The AXYZ Auto Zone Management facility supplements and supports other performance-enhancing features introduced by AXYZ International. These include the latest A2MC machine control system that greatly reduces ‘bounce’ and vibration caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration often found with other control systems and the integrated AVS (AXYZ Vision System) integrated within the A2MC controller. The AVS is fully compatible with all of the cutting tools used on AXYZ routers, including oscillating, tangential and drag knife cutters, to enable a much wider range of materials to be processed.

A further optional enhancement is the new helical rack and pinion drive system that greatly reduces machine wear. This is due to the system’s multiple gear teeth that ensure a more even distribution of the workload, resulting in significantly increased feed rates, more precise cutting, quieter machine operation and ultimately a longer machine life.

Supporting AXYZ and Pacer CNC machine options is the recently-expanded CNC Routershop online division. This provides a 24-hour resource for a vast range of CNC tools and accessories that will accommodate not only the requirements of machines supplied by AXYZ International but also those of virtually any other make of CNC machine regardless of make or country of origin.