Biesse's bSuite software meets the myriad requirements by developing software solutions around its customers' day-to-day operations, with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.

bSuite is a complete suite of advanced software tools, giving users access to cutting edge technology. It is composed of bSolid, a 3D cad-cam software program, bEdge, an innovative software for edgebanding processing, bNest, for nesting operation on numerically control work centres and bProcess, the Biesse tool for simply and intuitively organising the production of a cell of machines.

Biesse introduced innovative bSolid at Ligna in 2013 and it supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes. It is capable of simplifying the management of numerically-controlled machines to the greatest possible extent.

Biesse has been developing this ambitious software for years. With bSolid, it is possible to simulate and design with a simple and intuitive approach, allowing any user to access sophisticated features: from an idea directly to the visual designing of the “part”, going from a concept to its visual designing in a few clicks.

Thanks to the full integration of the latest generation parametric cad, bSolid can be used as a unique design system. bSolid incorporates a new learning system that transforms customers’ imagination into reality, guaranteeing simplified process management, improved performance and reduced machining times. The visual and direct simulation available on bSolid allows customers to verify the correct data used regarding tool paths, preventing programming errors such as depth, lead-in or working sequence. It is now possible to manipulate, measure and modify the finished part before executing it on the machine.

“bSolid was developed by Biesse over several years, observing closely the job that the customers do every day,” says Filippo Bostrenghi, Software general manager of Biesse. We realised a set of features, like simulation and intelligent interfaces, that approach the use of the software like the customer approach the use the machine in the reality,” he says. “For example, 50 tools are typically used by a customer, and we realise an intelligent engine that uses it automatically on the customer drawings, realising in a click a complete program ready to be machined.

“The software is solely and entirely developed by Biesse, excluding some parts of the CAM engines developed in Germany" application lives in the CNC machine, and make you also able to design and simulate the machine comfortably seat in the office in front of your computer.”

Project plans are done intuitively on bSolid, right on a laptop, and are more like a hand drawing. A countertop with a curve at one edge and plumbing plus other cut outs took a couple minutes to draw. It then appeared in seconds on a virtual Biesse Rover. The program cut out 42 seconds on the Rover. The virtual cutting run can also be done at accelerated speed.

“A lot of the value in this is to give confidence to the customer,” Filippo says. “We can modify the tool set in use to make it really easy run.

The application is available in all the machining CNC centres Biesse offers for wood, as well for stone and glass machinery. Bostrenghi showed how a conflict is identified – he moved a pod into the path of a cutting head. When the virtual Rover bumped into it, a conflict appeared on the screen.

This pre-run can avoid such conflicts on tool paths, prevent trivial programming errors such as depth, lead-in or working sequence, and modify designs for practical production considerations before executing it on the machine.

bEdge simplifies the edgebanding programming. It reduces design time as edgebanding planning can be achieved in just a few simple steps. The software contains a huge amount of information which results from Biesse’s long-standing experience in edgebanding operations. This is combined with the customer’s expertise to deliver high productivity and quality expectations. bEdge automatically processes all the information to generate the final program required to manufacture the component with complete simplicity.

A key functionality of the software supports the management of various tools, classifying and configuring them in an very logical way.

bNest is the bSuite plugin specifically for nesting operations. It allows you to organise your nesting projects in a simple way, reducing the material waste and machining times. It allows to reduce production costs, in fact bNest calculates the most efficient tool path for the nesting of sheet components: management of nesting projects based on finished products (cabinets for example), simplified management of machining processes, parameters and the entire organisation of production process and visualisation of the results and material requirement for production. This optimises production times and minimises waste. This software makes the operator’s work very simple and can be integrated with the most common CAD/CAM and Cabinet software, and is fully integrated with bSuite via bCabinet and bSolid.

bProcess increases the efficiency of the production process, because it reduces the time for the production organisation. It offers complete management of components that are damaged or need to be reprocessed. Both the machine and the operator can indicate the broken component; the software then marks it and specifies the quantities to be reprocessed during the current production or the next one. This software can be fully integrated in a company work flow.

If software is the only limitation to a machine’s capabilities, then bSuite offers endless possibilities.