For the universal sharpening of carbide tipped circular saw blades up to 840mm – and with the option of 1300mm diameter – Vollmer has now launched its new line of CHP840 and CHP1300 grinding centres. The next generation grinding centre has four CNC-controlled axes for the accurate grinding and polishing of virtually all tooth geometries in a single cycle.

This groundbreaking new grinding concept delivers ease of use with an ingenious new multi-function hand wheel and programs for use in the aluminium, plastic, wood and metal cutting sectors. The result is a new range of machines that provide the perfect combination of precision, productivity and flexibility for the universal machining of TCT saw blades from 80 up to 1300mm diameter.

The latest addition to the prestigious Vollmer line has been optimally designed in every conceivable way. This includes a compact footprint to save floor-space, a 10in LCD colour display with a multi-function hand wheel for fast and safe operation and an operator friendly large viewing window.

In addition, the new CHP machines are fully enclosed for maximum safety, noise and emission protection that is on a robust vibration-free platform for optimal sharpening performance.

The four axes on the CHP permit the complete machining of all commonly used tooth geometries in a single cycle - this includes axial angles and group toothing geometries. With oscillation grinding as standard and motor-driven hook and clearance angle adjustment, the CHP provides high material removal rates with the flexibility to rapidly switch from face to top grinding. This productivity is further enhanced by an optimum movement co-ordination for short movements that reduce non-grinding times considerably.

For the saw mill, solid wood- and furniture-producing sectors, the CHP has diagonally integrated feed pawl with pneumatic lift that ensures even chipper segments pose no problem for the new machine. The new CHP also has a wide-opening blade clamping mechanism for processing saws with a collar or reinforcement ring.

As an option, the CHP can be supplied with an optional second feed pawl for tooth pitches up to 180mm and a hollow face grinding device for processing hollow face saws.

For the metal cutting market, the CHP840 and CHP 1300 incorporate a powerful motor with a variable grinding speed for a high level of grinding efficiency that can optimise the process and machining parameters.

Specifically for the metal cutting sector, the CHP has an adjustable grinding barrel for the flexible machining of chip-breakers whilst the software includes negative tooth face geometries and chip breaker machining as standard.

This remarkable flexibility permits chip guide notching, negative hook angle machining and chip breaker machining as well as bevel angle grinding on TCT  and HSS saws with the storage of up to 4000 programs possible in the machine control database.

The new CHP marks the arrival of a new operating philosophy for Vollmer with its multi-functional hand wheel that makes work easier and faster. It ensures the axes are controlled by only one module.

This prevents the possibility of incorrect operation and the wheel can also be used as a potentiometer to conduct speed and feed adjustments in automatic mode. Errors are also minimised by the feed pawl sensor system that eliminates the need for tooth pitch input, whilst the automatic adjustment of the hook and clearance angle through digital detection also avoids operator errors.

As with all next generation Vollmer machines, the new CHP guarantees to reduce costs, cycle times and environmental impact whilst simultaneously improving flexibility, productivity, efficiency, precision, quality and above all profitability.