If the late, great, Eric Morecambe was around, he would have looked at the results of a panel edged using the airTec system and uttered those immortal words, “You can’t see the join!”

Just as Morecambe and Wise caught the imagination of the British public in the 70s and 80s, Homag and Brandt’s 21st century ‘zero joint’ technology, airTec, has caught the imagination of the woodworking market, giving outstanding results and providing manufacturers with a new string to their bows.

“The airTec system produces a seamless joint between the board and edging tape,” explains Craig Morrison of the Manor Cabinet Company, who recently invested in a Brandt 1650 FC edgebander with airTec technology.

He continues: “The system doesn’t require the addition of glue because it uses dedicated edging tape which just needs heat and pressure to seamlessly fix the edge to the board. The improved quality of the joint is clear, it’s almost impossible to see the join.

“The 1650 FC with airTec has given us improved quality, speed and reliability. It enables us to manufacture different products with seamless edges. Before, we had to rely on outside suppliers for these products, so it’s added flexibility and speed to our production”

A range of machines to meet demand
Brandt offers a range of machines with the airTec system, starting with the compact entry-level Ambition 1440 airTec. Besides the airTec activation unit for the perfect zero-joint, the standard machine also features a joint trimming unit, an exact  gluing unit, an end trimming unit, a trimming unit and a two-motor corner rounding unit. Finishing options include a radius scraper, a glue joint scraper and a buffing unit.

Brandt Ambition 1650 and 1850 airTec models
The 1650 offers greater flexibility as it features a quick melt gluing unit allowing the use of both EVA and PU glues. It also features multistage technology for fully automatic adjustment between three different profiles by means of servo motors.

The 1860 airTec is a high end machine with a two-motor end-trimming unit, a trimmer and a four-motor profile trimming unit. Like the 1650 it has a quick melt gluing unit so it can handle both EVA and PU glues for versatility.

Uncompromising performance is achieved via standard workpiece gap optimisation, a rough trimming unit for heavy trimming, a tiltable grooving unit and a glue joint scraper, plus variable feed speed of 8-20m/min.

Fast set-up and higher productivity from Homag airTec machines
The Homag Ambition 2272 airTec offers additional automation whilst the Ambition 2274 delivers more flexibility. The Ambition 2772 provides rapid automatic profile change at the profile trimming unit FK13 and at the profile scraper PN21 flexBlade, via the multi-touch monitor.

The set up times for the 2772 are remarkably low and all processing units and tools are included for two profiles. The Ambition 2274 boasts feed speeds of up to 25m/min using the airTec bonding system.

“Brandt’s and Homag’s ranges of airTec machines offers something for everyone,” claims Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director of Homag UK.

“We have enjoyed high levels of interest in the invisible joint technology with sales of airTec machines soaring this year. Not only does the system offer first class quality, but it is also extremely efficient so it contributes towards an improved bottom line in more ways than one.

“Customers who have invested in airTec technology, such as the Manor Cabinet Company, are delighted with the results they are achieving with it and we are confident that 2015 will see sales continue to climb. To help companies wanting to take advantage of airTec, we are also offering our Homag Finance packages which make this top quality bonding process a viable option for almost everyone.” concludes Simon.

For more information or a demonstration of the airTec system on either Homag or Brandt machines, contact Adele Dixon on 01332 856424.