SCM’s entry-level beam saw now opens up new prospects for all potential customers entering the beam saw market for panel breakdown and sizing of panels.

The independent raising of both the main sawblade and the scoring sawblade is now available on the SCM Sigma Prima beam saw range, thus increasing the potential of using the saw and making possible more machining facilities.

The main sawblade and scoring sawblade carriage, with independent raising on linear guides and recirculating ball screws, is in fact essential for the execution of post-formed panel sizing (40mm maximum height), slots and grooves with 35mm maximum height.

Time optimisation and reduction of costs for tool maintenance due to the optimised height adjustment of the main blade projection on two levels, permitting the setting of the lower blade height in order to limit the blade wear and assure a better finishing quality is also an option.

Finishing accuracy is assured when machining materials other than wood. Moreover, a device for blade lubrication is now available which allows the use of the machine for sizing of materials other than wood, by reducing friction during machining and thus improving cutting and finishing quality.

The most advanced saw carriage technology is now available with this new application, to meet every working requirement with a reduced investment in an SCM Sigma Prima beam saw.