At Interzum, Rehau exhibited under the slogan ‘Rehau, Your Creative Capital’, which plays on the creative possibilities that the polymer specialist offers in its comprehensive product portfolio. As creative potentials can be turned into creative values, on a semantic level, capital can mean both accrued value and a country’s capital city. The key visual for Interzum was therefore a city skyline.

Taking a closer look, visitors could see that the city silhouette had been enhanced by adding various modules and solutions from Rehau’s business capital.

The stand also continued the city theme, depicting an urban environment, including a cinema, a market place and other familiar features of city life.

Not only did the stand include spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and offices, but also retail shops and a commercial workshop. The market place, located in the centre, was the main attraction-an obelisk sporting the new colours of the Rauvisio surface programme.

Perfect high-gloss surfaces for kitchen, bathroom and interior design
At Interzum, Rehau presented a new colour collection for its gloss laminate Rauvisio crystal, developed in collaboration with colour expert, Professor Venn. As with the high-gloss laminate Rauvisio brilliant – an extended application spectrum was also introduced.

The most impressive feature of the glass laminate, Rauvisio crystal is the ultimate flexibility it offers in the production of fronts, niches and furniture end panels and all this in a highly desirable glass optic. Edgeband material perfectly matched to the

Rauvisio crystal designs ensures a high end finish, and one which technically supersedes all predecessors. The extra-thin 4mm glass laminate, Rauvisio crystal slim, was honoured with the Interzum Award 2015 – high product quality.

Rauvisio brilliant is a high-gloss laminate for coating vertical furniture fronts and is the perfect alternative to other costly lacquered solutions. The zero joint technology applied to permanently fuse the edgeband to the board, produces a perfect overall gloss finish, one with lasting UV resistance and excellent, enhanced colour depth.

One edge for all zero-joint technologies
Zero-joint edgebanding technology has made its way into almost all areas of the furniture industry in recent years. Rehau recognised this technology’s enormous potential early-on, and was the first market provider to offer a pure-polymer edgebanding solution – Raukantex laser edge.

Subsequent to this, other innovative technologies have established themselves in the market in addition to true laser processing. These application methods, namely hot-air, plasma and NIR, enable the permanent joint- and adhesive-free connection of edge-band to board and provide an optimised production process.

Raukantex laser edge has therefore become Raukantex pro: a single edge suitable for all processing technologies. Apart from the new name, there’s absolutely no change to the proven quality.

Raukantex pro consists of a special polymer functional layer, one precisely colour-matched to the visible, upper side of the edgeband and, when processed correctly, will give a virtually seam free finish, regardless which zero-jointing application method is used.