Koch enjoys a worldwide reputation as a specialist for drilling and dowel insertion machines, processing and production machinery and a host of innovative solutions for furniture and joinery businesses. This year’s Ligna saw new introductions and world-class creative solutions.

With the completely revised BD-Smart, a drilling machine for six-sided processing of straight and rectangular workpieces, Koch has delivered an ideal machine for manufacturers of drawers, frame components, profiled rails or furniture components.

The workpieces are separated in a hopper feed and then led to the working stations. There, they are processed in clamped position and transported out of the machine by means of a workpiece return feed conveyor (for one-man-operation) or an outfeed (for the integration into a production line).

The machine is equipped for horizontal drilling into workpiece ends (both-sided) and into workpiece edges, as well as for vertical surface drillings from above and below. Thus, drilling operations from six sides are possible.

For optimal workpiece alignment and processing, the machine is equipped with a freely-movable workpiece centre support with stop and back stop – as well as a parallel guided clamping bridge – which ensures that the workpieces are clamped and held in the correct processing position.

Due to its compact and also sturdy design, the BD-Smart needs only a small floor area, while maintaining high performance.

Koch offers various concepts for the production of doors and their components. The range of solutions includes manual fed single-sided machines for low volume or JIT production in work cells to fully automated through-feed machines for larger batch production.

The machines can be customised according to the customer’s requirements and depending on the machine type, can be used for the production of shaker doors with dowel joint, mitre doors with dowel joint or mortise and tenon construction and for the production of French Cut doors with dowel joints or mortise and tenon construction.

The flexible machine portfolio allows small batch production or large-volume production, processing different profiles and materials.

At Ligna Koch showed two machines for the production of frames: the new Endmaster-K20 and the Sprint-FC.

The Endmaster-K20 is an edgebanding and drilling machine specially suited for JIT manufacturing of frame parts, furniture fronts and single drawer components. The machine is equipped with an edge-drilling unit, an electrical controlled trimming unit and a horizontal drilling unit. The horizontal drilling heads are powered by brushless motors. The drilling units are longitudinal and height adjustable.

The Sprint-FC is a machine for the processing of French cut door components. It is equipped for the processing of stiles and rails. 

Koch Group member, Lehbrink, manufactures specialist machines as well as complete production lines for door and door frame production  and the folding rear elements of for furniture. It also offers machines for small and medium batch sizes.

At Ligna this year, Lehbrink’s RWB 694-Smart – designed for the production of foldable rear panels – was on show and is available with single or double folding and comes equipped with a shaping, glueing and cooling station.

The machine concept provides that the stacked workpieces are manually inserted, longitudinally and transversely aligned and clamped from above by means of a pressure beam. When the lateral edges of the stacked workpieces have been profiled and the PUR hot-melt glue has been applicated along the edge, the glue will be cooled, so that there is a reliable glued seam.

For this, the RWB 694-Smart is equipped with a cooling beam for additional cooling of the glued seam. In addition, the machine can now be purchased with a divided working field, so that two workpieces can be processed at the same time. This optimisation enables a shorter working cycle and thus a higher performance.

Koch UK distribution:
Paul Tipler ptipler@kochma.de