As standard with Holz-Her edgebanders, the Holz-Her Glu Jet System delivers high quality edging results with ultra-thin glue joints. Combined with Holz-Her thin film technology, the hybrid technology leaves invisible joints with PUR glue for use in wet areas.

From state-of-the-art high gloss through to solid wood edging, the system is both flexible and versatile, meeting the needs of craftsmen and industrial users alike.

The product has three independent heating circuits: the ring heater heats up the front section of the cartridge, expanding the cartridge and hermetically sealing the area; the main heater melts the glue to operating temperature in less than one minute; and the nozzle heater heats the entire steel nozzle to the desired temperature in approximately three minutes.

The glue application begins when the pressure cylinder presses the cartridge or the granules against the heater elements at a six bar maximum pressure. The hot glue rises in the metering rod and can then be processed. The control opens and closes the metering rod to meter the glue precisely under pressure to the Glu Jet nozzle. 

The product also features automatic replenishment. As mentioned previously, the pressure cylinder presses the cartridge or granules against the heater elements. After reaching a certain position, the sensor sends a replenishment signal to the control. As long as glue is being applied to a workpiece, charging is delayed.

The pressure cylinder retracts automatically and a new cartridge or fresh granulated material drops from the cartridge supply hopper into the heating shaft where it is again pressed against the heating elements.

The range of Holz-Her edgebanders starts with the entry level UNO – compact, powerful and precise. For industrial use, Holz-Her offers the Sprint, designed for high quality and flexibility, and the Auriga for modern cabinet-makers.

The Streamer is the compact entry series for professional edgebanding. High quality diamond tipped cutting tools with extremely long service life and chip-optimised evacuation technology are standard features, along with high performance post-processing finishing units.

A particular highlight of the Streamer series is a compact upgrade package for processing edge thicknesses up to 6mm and workpieces with thickness up to 60mm.

Holz-Her has the Dynestic Series with CNC router nesting technology for efficient formatting and drilling. There are advantages of holding the panel by large-surface vacuum on a wear plate. It produces precisely formatted workpieces, provided with groove or rebate in the rear wall and all required vertical holes for shelves, connectors, and so on. The entire process is time and resource efficient.

The key requirement for nesting is that the proper software is fully integrated into the machining process. Holz-Her offers a free-form open architecture software solution for stairs and frame constructions, as well as a purely rectangular nesting feature.

The open architecture software enables data from other types of proprietary software to be imported into Holz-Her machines. This compatibility means there are no Holz-Her licence fees to pay and no restrictions on future choice and development.

The product also includes complete graphic control surface barcode interface and automation components for material handling without an operator.

Fully-automated, computerised, and easy to use, Holz-Her’s Chaotic Warehousing can transform a business. The system uses a combination of high vacuum suction and robotics to efficiently organise and transport wood-based panels or laminates from their stacks, to a pressure beam saw for processing or packing.

Every panel stack can be efficiently organised – not just correctly on floor space but with differing panel products directly on top of one another. No matter where it is positioned in the warehouse, each panel need is saved in the database and can be found easily.

The system works automatically using a network connection. The saw orders the required panels and the manipulator brings the panel to the saw.  The complete operation can be done directly by warehouse software, which is installed on the customer’s computer.

Holz-Her’s pressure beam saws combine precision technology with intelligent handling solutions for effective panel cutting. The high-quality equipment guarantees constantly precise cutting results at maximum performance volume, and works well with Holz-Her’s Chaotic Warehousing system.

With The Cut 6220, all moving axes are equipped with brushless servo-drives for optimum performance. The redesigned PLC control offers minimum cycle times and great accuracy.

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