T M Machinery is the sole UK agent for the Striebig range of vertical panel saws and also supplies the Viet artisan range of wide belt sanders. 

Striebig’s portfolio consists of five machine series catering for all sizing needs – the entry-level Compact, the Standard, the Evolution, the Control and the latest 4D sawing centre.

All models, apart from the 4D, are available in nine sizes with an extensive selection of options available to improve their effectiveness still further. Machines can also be built in special sizes and fitted with specialist equipment to suit individual requirements.

The entry-level Compact series, with a cutting range of 3100 x 1644 x 80mm to 5350 x 2220 x 80mm, includes an automated cut cycle version, the Compact AV.

The popular Standard – tried and tested over decades – with cutting sizes of 3300 x 1680 x 80mm to 5300 x 2240 x 80mm, is the ideal saw for companies of all sizes. 

The fully-automatic Control offers an optional Electronic Positioning System (EPS) on both axes for the automatic positioning of both the length stop and saw head. This increases the saw’s productivity by delivering automatic repeat strip and upper trim cutting.  

With manual feeding of the saw unit eliminated, the operator’s job is made easier, giving them ample time to prepare the next job. Numerous procedures are carried out at the press of a button, including locking and releasing the beam saw, setting the horizontal cutting height, plunging and swivelling the motor, locking the support rollers during sawing and fine saw blade adjustment.

Where high levels of panel throughput are needed, the Control and the Evolution, with cutting sizes from 3300 x 1680mm to 5300 x 2240mm, offer an optional 100mm cutting depth. The Evolution has many similar features to the Control, making it one of the most advanced manual panel saws available.

The latest 4D high-end sawing centre machine can optimise and cut a full panel without the operator needing to re-handle it once it is loaded. It is one of the world’s first vertical panel saws to offer intelligent cut optimisation, even for the most complicated panel and strip cutting work.

Delivering a cutting range of 5300 x 2100mm, the Striebig 4D comes with the option for cut depths of 80, 105 or 130mm.

Striebig saws cut practically all wood-based sheet materials and offer impressive dust limit values well below 1mg/m³.

The Viet artisan range of sanders begins with entry level model S211, a small machine guaranteeing top performance. Precise and functional, it can be equipped with a range of rollers and pads for calibrating and fine sanding timber, preparing it for further processes. 

The S1 is a heavy duty twin-head sander with a large choice of sanding and finishing elements. The option to add inverter control of the abrasive belt and conveyor belt speeds gives maximum flexibility from a compact machine.

The ultimate in high production finishing, the top-of-the range S3 series ensures results beyond expectations. Panels are finely calibrated, while sanding makes surfaces feel clean to touch. Unlimited customisation makes S3 machines suitable for every kind of sanding requirement.

Alongside machine sales and installation, T M Services & Spares repairs and maintains a wide range of woodworking machinery. The division has grown to become one of the UK’s most respected woodworking machinery service specialists, providing nationwide coverage.