Though keeping innovation in mind, Morelato – an Italian furniture manufacturer situated in the Verona area – uses the technique of marquetry to embellish some of its products.

Marquetry is an ancient decorative technique that prospered during the Renaissance. The craft contrasts different veneers on a wooden surface in order to form decorative patterns.

Amongst the pieces in the 2015 collection, there are three products in particular that demonstrate this traditional craft – Frammento Misura, Frank and Gene coffee tables.

The Frammento Misura coffee table is a donation from Adolfo Natalini to the MAAM – Museum of Applied Arts in Modern Furniture – which was established by the Aldo Morelato Foundation and produced by Morelato.

The coffee table is a review of a piece designed by Natalini in the 70s. The table is made entirely of ash wood with a wenge inlay, which creates the small squares. The result is the creation of a geometric network that covers and decorates the surface of the table.

The Frank and Gene coffee tables were created for Morelato by Israeli designer, Itamar Harari, with different dimensions and finishing. The models are characterised by natural chromatic contrasts created by the combination of different types of wood: Frank is made of rosewood with maple marquetry, while Gene is made of maple with wenge marquetry.

Marquetry creates a valuable adornment that enhances and enriches wooden furniture. Attention to detail is one of Morelato’s distinctive features, which is reflected in the refined and contemporary furniture that it produces.