Leitz Tooling’s ThermoTech Window System enables any size joinery company to manufacture ‘A’ and ‘A+’ rated thermal storm-proof, flush casement and traditional wood windows. 

Available with BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) energy-rated licences for over 70 different variations of timber window manufacture and with full and ongoing back-up and support from the company, Leitz ThermoTech Window System is considered by its customers as one of the fastest, easy to use, reassuring and profitable systems on the market.        

Leitz ThermoTech Window System is a complete, compliant and scalable system for the manufacture of high quality timber windows by large manufacturers and small sized joinery companies alike, opening up new markets and business opportunities and responding to demand from manufacturers as well as architects and contractors.

Leitz customers using the system have found it a positive experience. TimberMaster based in Rugby says: “The fact that Leitz has already done the work with the BFRC for energy-rated window licences was a key factor in our decision to buy their tooling, and we’re winning most of the work we quote for.”

T O’Malley Joinery from Lancashire says: “We make timber windows for contractors, developers, housing associations and home owners, and the tooling system from Leitz means we now make them quicker and easier than ever before.”

Brian Maddox, sales manager for Leitz Tooling UK, the UK’s largest supplier of tooling to British industry, says: “We have removed the burden of design, tooling, set up and window simulation thermal testing for the energy performance rating; the only things we don’t do is actually performance test the window or make it.

“Our ThermoTech Window System gives the opportunity for much wider high quality manufacture of A and A+ rated thermal performance wood windows.”

Leitz’s ThermoTech Window System provides an all-in-one package solution which is scalable for the specific and changing needs of individual businesses. The BFRC-registered simulator with Leitz, Richard Jacob, says: “The system supports every type of variation, to suit every type of manufacturer, with any type of specification, with flexibility. As a low cost, dedicated modular system, it is not only as accessible and as future-proof as we can make it, but includes all the support customers might need, including custom window design and the cost of simulation to BRFC regulations to get the approved energy ratings.”

Leitz Tooling regularly runs seminars on the ThermoTech Window System across the UK, with the next taking place on 20th April at Leeds College of Building. The seminars also feature window manufacturing supply and technical partners: the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), Accsys Technologies on Accoya Wood, Teknos Coatings, sealing profile specialists for windows and doors, Deventer Weather Seals, Coastal Joinery Hardware, and software supplier to the bespoke joinery market, Joinerysoft.

During the seminars, timber window frames are machined on site in a matter of minutes, demonstrating how fast, accurate and easily repeatable production is with the Leitz system.

Customers are even turning to the Leitz ThermoTech Window System after buying alternative products, with one customer saying: “I’ve tried the cheap systems, but now I have the Leitz system and the difference in production performance and finished product is incredible. We’re not just making windows, we are making money!” Mr Maddox said, “If we say it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it’s our problem, not the customers. That’s the difference. That’s where the back-up and support comes in from an organisation like Leitz.”

Are you Part Q?
The new Part Q of the building regulations for England introduced the requirement for security-rated doors and windows to be provided for new build homes registered in England after 1st October 2015.

The impact of Part Q Security Regulations on those supplying product into new homes is huge – any range of windows and non-bespoke external doors, including flat entrances, sold into the new build market will need to be backed by security testing. 

Evidence can be cascaded from an ironmongery manufacturer, for example, but it is vital to ensure that the scope covers the product you are supplying – eg section sizes, glazing method/system, species, placement of ironmongery and length and size of any fixings used.

Leitz Tooling has worked with Coastal Joinery Hardware – one of the UK’s leading trade-only suppliers of timber window and door hardware solutions – for several years, and both companies have dedication to customer support at the heart of their business. Coastal has launched a new initiative to enable businesses in the trade to easily and effectively become fully Part Q compliant, offering cascade certificates for Leitz Tooling’s High Performance Flush Timber Windows, side and top hung.

Loren Jenner, director at Coastal says: “In line with our dedicated approach to providing the trade with a combination of quality products and technical knowledge, our Part Q compliance initiative is something we feel will really benefit our customers supplying the new build housing market.

“It was clear to us that Part Q, whilst beneficial from a security perspective, was set to cause major headaches for smaller manufacturers. We saw this issue as something we could really lend support with and make the whole process much simpler for those who didn’t want to face the rigours of getting their own products tested.”

Simon Liddell, managing director of Leitz Tooling UK, says: “Leitz is committed to high quality product, innovation and providing valuable services to our customers, and this cooperation with Coastal Joinery Hardware for Part Q cascade certification is an example of that value in practice. In combination with Coastal’s specific hardware, we really are making energy rated, high performance, certified and compliant timber window manufacture easy for our customers.”

Information on using the Part Q certification system is on the Leitz website.