Daltons Wadkin has already seen record sales of Salvador automatic cross-cut saws in 2016. Having just returned from a visit to the Salvador production facility – Daltons Wadkin director, Alex Dalton, enthuses and illuminates on all things Salvador.

As the long-standing main distributor for Salvador in the UK and Ireland, Daltons Wadkin has established itself as a cross-cutting expert with extensive experience with industries manufacturing a range of products including sofas and beds, garden buildings, pallets, packing cases, timber-framed buildings, as well as high production saw mills.

Founded 35 years ago by Giorgio Salvador in Northern Italy, the family-run business now solely concentrates on the production and continual development of automatic cross-cut saws. This dedicated focus has seen the name Salvador become synonymous with high quality, reliable cross-cutting solutions.
There are three models most suited to UK manufacturing from the Salvador range, all available for viewing and demonstration from specialist supplier Daltons Wadkin.

SuperPush 200
For automatic optimising and defecting at 90° the SuperPush 200 has a 30° inclined working plane making loading simple and ensuring the workpiece is kept square.

The heavy duty pusher runs up to 120m/min and will process pieces up to 110kg with an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. The actual cutting time can be regulated between 0.1 to 2 seconds depending on the material with an automatic pressure beam adjusting to the material height minimising processing time.

Varying lengths of timber can be individually pre-loaded onto the infeed table and the machine will scan and measure each piece individually, looking for marked defects before optimising the lengths to be cut to ensure maximum yield.

Alternatively multiple lengths can be stacked in packs and the cutting lists optimised further increasing processing efficiency.

SuperPush 250
For maximum cross-cutting speed and efficiency at 90° the SuperPush 250 features a chain infeed loading system allowing single or multiple stacked workpieces to be automatically and continuously fed into the machine.

The range of out-feed options available for the SuperPush range include waste trap door, tilt-and-return collection plane, automatic outfeed length selector and label or injet printing.

SuperAngle 600
Increasingly popular in the UK market, the SuperAngle will optimise and defect angled cutting lists up to +/- 70° with a precision of +/- 0.1° taking no more than 1 second to position from 0-70°. As with the SuperPush models the SuperAngle is available with chain infeed loading and automatic outfeed options depending on user requirements.

As with all Salvador automatic cross-cuts the SuperAngle is equipped as standard with a full PC control running powerful but simple-to-operate cutting software.

The machine can run in standard automatic cut-to-length mode, optimising mode, or defecting mode.

Cutting lists can be programmed quickly at the machine using a standard keyboard and large 19in monitor, or remotely at an office-based PC via a spreadsheet or from third party production software.

We have customers wanting to remove the skill level entirely from the machine operator, while other customers want the operator to double-check cutting lists from the office to spot any human errors. The Salvador will work however you want.

Each Salvador installation is different. Even within the same industry each customer has a different working process. At Daltons Wadkin we involve our highly skilled technicians from the start to analyse cutting lists, existing production methods and provide a recommendation for a suitable specification and crucially a reliable time scale for return on investment.

With ever-increasing competition squeezing margins it is not enough to simply say ‘you need an automatic cross-cut’. The correct specification with reliable back up is key. With almost limitless configurations within the Salvador range we take great care in our responsibility to suitably advise our customers.

There are some exciting new developments in the Salvador range this year and we will be exhibiting with our largest ever Daltons Wadkin stand at W16 with Salvador taking centre stage!

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