Talbotts Biomass Energy Systems has successfully installed a number of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant boilers into the UK’s woodworking industries since the scheme was launched in 2011. Over 100 installations have been completed where they are benefiting from the RHI. 

The renewable heat incentive scheme is financial support provided by the Government where the end user gets paid for every kW of eligible heat used in their premises. This may be for factory space heating or heating for offices or a process.

Therefore companies involved in wood-based manufacturing industries such as kitchen, furniture makers or timber processors can not only benefit from a reduction in wood waste disposal and energy costs but also from a cashback incentive paid by the Government. A quick pay back from the initial capital investment is achieved and once accredited to the scheme, end users can earn year on year, up to 20 years in total.

Talbotts are one of the only manufacturers where it has RHI emissions certification for a wide range of wood-based fuels such as MDF, chipboard, MFC, OSB, softwood, hardwood, particleboard, plywood, wood chips and wood pellets. It has sizes ranging from 199kW up to 999kW, of which multiples can be installed. Its boilers have been fully tested in order to achieve this certification ensuring they meet the most stringent emissions and quality criteria. A typical installation where it has installed a 300kW boiler could earn more than £20,000 per year in RHI income alone.  

The RHI scheme is currently at a premium and in order to take advantage of the benefits the advice is to act now. A consultation is currently under way where the tariffs are likely to be significantly less to new applicants next year.     

Talbotts has built up a large customer base where they are accredited to the RHI and include  Biker Group, DFS, AW Champion, Allport Packaging, Hills Panel Products, Furmanac, Welcome Furniture, Vincent Timber, Sven Christiansen, Select Timber, Midland Building Products, Kingspan and the list goes on.

Midland Building Products, based in the West Midlands, manufactures door frames, door sets, internal fire doors and glazed screens and purchased an MWE999 boiler, fuel bunker and Untha LR1400 shredder from Talbotts in September 2014, to which it has benefited from two winter heating seasons of producing renewable heat and subsequently the RHI cashback. 

As a long-standing customer of Talbotts it replaced an older type Talbott air heating system for a larger biomass boiler which provides comprehensive heating to their factory and offices. The MWE range of boilers also meets the lowest emissions outputs with standard features such as automatic heat exchange cleaning and de-ash and ignition, also ensuring optimum efficiency.

Peter Zarelli, commercial manager of Midland Building Products comments: “We are a long-standing customer of Talbotts to which we have always been impressed with the level of service provided by them. As part of our commitment to carbon reduction and sustainability we wanted to upgrade our wood burning space heater to a larger low emissions boiler that was eligible for the RHI. We contacted them to see what solutions they had available.

“Their local sales representative, Richard Fielding, visited us and provided us with a viable solution.  We are very impressed with the quality and robust design of the plant to which we have benefited from nearly two years of smooth operation.

“Talbotts took care of the RHI accreditation and have continued to support us along the way.  We are very pleased we opted for the Talbotts MWE boiler solution and the revenue received. It gives us the opportunity to invest back into our company to provide more competitive solutions to our clients and ensure we meet our environmental obligations.”

The Talbotts brand has been established since the 1970s and are specialists in offering solutions to the woodworking industries. They have dedicated RHI, service, spare parts and technical departments to ensure customers needs are responded to efficiently. It also has a broad product range available consisting of fully automated comprehensive biomass boiler solutions, automatic and simple manual-fed air space heating solutions and Untha wood shredders, to which it is a UK distributor. 

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