Nesting is a very efficient method of processing components out of large, raw boards. Rather than using two machines, a beam saw and a CNC, the nesting CNC allows the operations to be done on the one machine. It is particularly useful for the efficient production of shaped parts that require cutting, drilling, grooving or routing.

“Not only does a nesting machine maximise the usage of the board by nesting components as close together as possible, but it also drills, grooves and routs them without having to move the parts to another machine,” explains Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director at Homag UK.

He continues: “Homag nesting software ensures that throughout the entire run the job is processed at maximum efficiency. It allows the operator to choose the best way to optimise the programs for either speed or yield.”

Weeke Vantage 100 and 200 gantry CNC nesting machines
The Weeke Vantage 100 and 200 are gantry style nesting machines which provide the highest precision over the total working width. Both models come with a powerful 12hp (9kW) HSK routing spindle as standard and there is an option to upgrade to a 16hp (12kW) unit.

The Vantage 100 offers a pick-up tool-changing system from seven to 12 places dependent on the working field size. The larger Vantage 200 offers a 14-fold tool-changing system as standard.

The 100 and 200 come with the highly flexible matrix pro table which has different vacuum cups available for secure and accurate clamping in the event that individual parts need to be machined. The optional aluminium grid table allows the positive locking of clamping elements providing reliable fixture of the work pieces even under exposure to high hogging forces. The table design optimises the distribution of the vacuum and reduces leaks and transmission losses.

The narrow grid table combined with the clamping system allows for tremendous flexibility. Even unusual shapes can be processed due to the rotatable vacuum cups and with the diverse types of vacuum blocks available it is also possible to carry out simple and quick horizontal processing on grid tables.

From standalone machines to automated inline processing
For the smaller manufacturer, the Vantage 100 or 200 can be used as a standalone cell. Then, as required, it can have units added to it such as the lift tables and feeding conveyors to increase productivity. Alternatively, it can be fed by an automated storage system which delivers the required raw boards straight from stock as required.

The machine is programmed using one of the most established CNC systems available, woodWOP, which has more than 30,000 installations worldwide. This simple-to-use Windows-based software features a large graphics area with a three-dimensional view of the workpiece.

Optional software packages include woodNest Basic for manual nesting of shaped parts, woodAssembler which enables the construction of individual workpieces to finished objects, woodVisio, woodWOP DXF Basic and 3D CNC Simulator.

Homag BMG 300/500/600
The Homag BMG range of gantry processing centres provides state-of-the-art CNC solutions for furniture, window, door and stair manufacturers. With an aluminium matrix table, the BMG 311/R and 511/R are the ideal specification machines for processing technical components, shaped parts and nesting.

The Magicut optimisation nesting software automatically works out the best layout for all the workpieces on a raw panel which maximises the cost savings by creating minimum wastage. In addition, individually adjustable optimisation parameters help reduce the overall process time and maximise reliability.

Control by powerTouch
The Homag Group’s recently introduced powerTouch operating philosophy combines design and function to create an innovative and efficient control system. It can be used with over 300 Homag machines, making life simple for machine operators who no longer have to learn different control packages for each machine.

The full HD multi-touch monitor with ergonomic touch operation, simple navigation and a standardised user interface is the heart of the new system. It is clear and intuitive allowing machine users to quickly get to grips with the full potential of each machine.

“The BMG range of CNC processing centres is quite amazing,” concludes Simon Brooks, “All the models in the range enable a multitude of tasks to be carried out on one machine and therefore deliver significant productivity gains and cost savings for customers.

“In addition, there are a number of options which can be added to automate the production process further, such as a robot to load raw panels and off load processed parts.

“Whichever nesting solution you decide is right for your business, our Homag Finance team can help you put in place the necessary funding to ease your cash flow and get you operational.

So there really is no need to delay installing the latest equipment to drive your business to the next level.”

For more information on the latest nesting solutions from Homag and Weeke, call Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.

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