’s society – especially with regard to interior and furniture design. However, bespoke design very often goes beyond the limits of ordinary design software – but according to respected international software firm CAD+T, not with the application.

CAD+T says that from the first draft to high-quality visualisations, construction, CNC data and production information, users only have to use one software for the whole design and manufacturing process.

The heart of the system is the drawing. Still built on AutoCAD, the CAD+T add-on gives customers the possibility of drawing the parts directly in 3D even though users can still work on 2D. On these parts, information about materials, finishes, edges, profiles, hardware, etc. can be saved. So the drawing consists of more than only lines and text – it actually understands what is being drawn.

Based on the drawing, users can proceed in the design process and create sophisticated renderings and visualisations to enhance customer presentations. In the construction drawings, users get plan views, elevations and sections automatically and define joints, hardware and construction details.

Again, customisation is the key to success: Any part of the design can be changed easily at any point of the process, even if the element is highly complex. The program then automatically adapts all data connected to the drawing, such as part lists and CNC data.

On the construction side of the process, CAD+T automatically generates shop floor drawings, parts lists, cutting lists and more. Furthermore, CNC data is generated, so users do not have to do any more manual CNC programming, which again reduces errors and saves time.

Even for batch size one production, the CAD+T program ensures that all manufacturing processes run smooth and efficiently.

So what are the benefits? Besides a significant reduction of errors and mistakes due to the use of only one programme, the main benefit is the overall increase of productivity: save up to 30% of labour costs and up to 10% of material costs and increase productivity by up to 60%. More than 3000 customers all over the world bear witness to the productivity gained with the CAD+T solutions.

CAD+T has its head office in Austria and was founded in 1990. With seven branches in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, UAE and Thailand and more than 60 employees, CAD+T is an ideal partner to improve companies processes. The main product of CAD+T is software, which consists overall of 60 different modules for furniture manufacturer, interior designer and furniture traders.

The software structure is modular and this allows CAD+T to create the ideal package for each customer according to specific requirements. The pricing is done per module. Besides the software modules, CAD+T offers regular training and consulting for its customers.

At W16, visitors can meet and discuss software with CAD+T on stand P905.