From small business to industrial production, every workshop knows that the lower the vibration of circular saw blades during the cutting process, the better the cut quality and lower the noise emission. New laser ornaments developed by Leitz along with specific damping material mean that Leitz circular saw blades have precisely this effect. 

Leitz’s circular saw blades now feature new laser ornaments to reduce vibration generated during cutting, increase stability and improve the quiet running of circular saw blades. The benefit of the new laser ornaments allows better cutting quality, higher RPM and increased noise reduction. In cooperation with the Institute for Machine Tools at the Stuttgart University, Leitz has also designed a specific damping mass that can fill the ornaments. They reinforce the vibration dampening and by this release the positive effect of the laser ornaments. 

By reducing the cutting forces, the energy used by circular saw blades can be reduced. By reducing the cutting width of the blades, the material waste can be reduced and yield increased. In order for circular saw blades for specific working materials to be developed, tooth shapes and other factors are optimised. As part of its ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation on behalf of customers, Leitz is also researching alternative tungsten carbide types and diamond to increase performance times.

Andreas Kisselbach, head of Leitz research and development at Leitz says: “Increasing the stability of circular saw blades is another development in focus. Today, a circular saw blade has to be capable to process many different working materials.

“Each of them requires different cutting speeds, therefore, circular saw blades have be able to run at any RPM. The new laser ornaments and the damping material offers increased stability.”  

Leitz has divided its program of circular saw blades into three quality levels. The entry, the Premium and the Excellent level. The Premium range has the new laser ornaments, optimised gullets and tooth heights to reduce air turbulence and have to have a positive effect to influence the vibration behavior of the saw blades. The laser ornaments on the Excellent variants are filled with the new damping material and achieve optimal stability and quiet running.

Leitz at W16
Leitz Tooling will feature its state-of-the-art joinery tooling and its A+ energy rated timber window manufacturing ThermoTech System on stand D410 at the W16 Exhibition at the NEC in October. Visitors can also discuss their tooling servicing on stand, and following its runaway success at W14, Leitz will again be offering one-to-one tooling and production trouble-shooting sessions.