Apart from edgings, adhesives and technical profiles, Ostermann also supplies numerous practical tools and accessories

From Sibu designer surfaces to adhesives to presses to furniture edgings: at Ostermann, craftsmen will find practically everything required to make a perfect furniture item from a humble board. 

Converting a section of chipboard into a piece of furniture requires numerous work steps involving various machines, tools and accessories, such as edgings or adhesives. The furniture manufacturer and carpetner/joiner will find almost everything at Ostermann.

radius scaper

From raw chipboard to furniture boards 

For those seeking to press or glue their own raw chipboard, Ostermann can provide numerous attractive furniture tops from Sibu of Austria. 

These can be processed, using the wide selection of glues and adhesives stocked by Ostermann for a huge range of applications and surfaces. 

For surface-face bonding various furniture surfaces, there are white glues, PU and contact adhesives from a whole host of manufacturers

The right adhesive for pressing

As an edging specialist, Ostermann stocks a wide selection of glues and adhesives for a huge range of applications and surfaces. 

When it comes to the surface bonding of laminates, there are white glues. There are veneer glues for veneered surfaces and then there are contact and PU adhesives for bonding to other materials. 

Tips on bonding a whole range of surfaces, as well as advice on selecting glues is always available to Ostermann’s customers from the article information and the processing instructions in the Ostermann Online Shop.

Ostermann supplies a wide range of adhesives for both manual and machine-based edge-bonding jobs – in granule and cartridge form

How to find the right edging 

For finishing bare, narrow edges, Ostermann has Europe’s largest range of edgings in stock. The variety of materials is huge, because Ostermann can supply furniture edgings made from ABS, melamine, acrylic, aluminium and solid wood.

To help identify a matching Ostermann edging for a chipboard panel, there is Ostermann’s cross-reference list for boards. Available in the Ostermann catalogue, and online via the shop and app, this reference list enables  customers to search for edgings to match the decors of over 70 board suppliers.

Everything needed for edge processing jobs

The edging specialist Ostermann supplies a wide range of glues and adhesives for both manual and machine-based edge-bonding jobs. 

To carry out cleaning during edging jobs, Ostermann’s experts recommend Redocol Teclinex One-for-All. When it’s not possible to use stationary edge banding machines, Ostermann has plenty of other tools and accessories: from sisal brushes for the perfect edging finish, to edge trimmers and planers, drawing knives, guillotines and even mobile edge-banders. 

New – the practical radius scraper helps achieve a professional edging finish, even when it’s not possible to use a machine

From furniture board to the finished furniture item

No matter if it’s furniture for the home or the office – Ostermann will supply everything needed to create modern furniture from furniture panels. 

Starting with a wide range of aluminium and plastic profiles, to handle mouldings made from aluminium to lighting ducts with matching LED strips. 

Then there is Ostermann’s range of fittings, including furniture handles, table legs and functional base systems.

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