In solid wood manufacturing today, flexibility is the key. Whether you are switching from making ‘A’ energy rated timber windows to creating workpieces with complex shapes, Weinig’s Multirex CNC uses the very latest technology to make easy work of the most challenging manufacturing, opening up new production potential.

Weinig’s long understanding of the changing needs of solid timber processing makes all the difference. The Multirex CNC features innovative and robust clamping technology specifically developed to guarantee the precise machining of solid timber components. 

The robust construction of the Multirex offers stock removal performance that is expected for solid wood applications. The stability of the travelling column has been optimised using ‘finite element software’ which has resulted in a low dead weight, combined with high loading capability, extreme acceleration values and exceptional dynamics.

Weinig Conturex Compact

With the integration of intelligent software and sophisticated technology, CNC processing centres offer increasingly powerful manufacturing solutions whose intuitive and user-friendly interface considerably shortens operator training. 

Open software architecture means that no ongoing licence fees are needed which might restrict future choice and company development. The ideal processing centre for any business that needs flexibility combined with economy, the Multirex is unique in its price category.

The Multirex leads into the impressive solutions offered by Weinig Conturex. There are more than 450 installed worldwide manufacturing for all applications in solid wood product. Almost any component can be finished completely to the highest quality standard in a single machining cycle and the Conturex has proven particularly successful in the timber window production market. 

CNC processing means that traditional methods requiring significant skill and individual tolerances can be created today with ease. Just a few clicks of a mouse are needed to start the process and – thanks to its patented clamping system – with the utmost precision bespoke work such as mortised door frames or dovetail joints are created with production efficiency.

Its unique capabilities enable customers to develop products for the market, rather than having to work to the limitations of a machine. The Conturex brings economy and craftsmanship back to CNC manufacturing, be it for batch size 1 or mass production. 

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