SEMA calls itself as ‘the world leader’ of powerful stairs construction software and programs – with SEMA, users always have what it describes as 'the best software solution' for stairs construction. 

SEMA’s Stairs construction software is based on a modular structure and has been used successfully by more than 1000 SME business such as cabinet makers and joiners as well as by large scale woodworking centres.

Starting with planning and construction up to the 1:1 printout as well as CNC production, the SEMA program meets all requirements in the field of traditional and modern stairs construction. SEMA Stairs is made for all types of staircase manufacturers.

SEMA has significantly simplified the design of free-form stairs by enhancing the Stairs Assistant so that now every stair shape can be designed very easily, and above all, with impressive speed. 

For instance, creating a polygon or a poly-line, defining the bottom step and the last step, determining the walking line and that’s it – the stairs are ready! 

The look of the stairs is defined in the master data, and the good thing is that the design data is immediately available, thus no time-consuming refinishing is required.

With the new Stairs Assistant, SEMA has considerably enhanced its stairs software, and with it, demonstrating once again how fast and well stairs can be designed today.

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