With over 25 years of experience in the development of high-performance CNC routing, engraving and cutting solutions and with literally thousands of successful installations testifying to this achievement, AXYZ International has demonstrated unequivocally the value of programmable CNC routing. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the industrial woodworking, furniture manufacturing (including the highly specialised fine furnishing and cabinet-making sector), joinery and panel processing industries for which the company has provided a long-term, ultra-reliable and highly specialised manufacturing capability.

Since its inception, AXYZ International has changed the concept of speed, especially in relation to customised routing/cutting solutions that can safely claim the shortest lead times currently attainable. One of the company’s greatest strengths is an ability to configure machines to suit virtually any manufacturing requirement, from specialist one-off to high-volume projects (currently, there are a staggering 366,918 different machine configurations from which customers can choose), made possible by the availability of proprietary machine controllers and a raft of production-enhancing machining options. These include, for example, customised automatic and manual tool-change systems, different cutting heads and knife tools and camera-assisted processing systems for optimum precise routing and cutting.

Companies working with programmable CNC routing solutions, as opposed to time-consuming and labour-intensive manual alternatives, can maximise production levels, the quality of output and ultimately the growth prospects and profitability of their businesses. Routing/cutting technology is intrinsically user-friendly, offering a highly cost-effective solution even for small companies where manpower levels can be an issue.

With the cost of materials continually rising, CNC routing/cutting technology can also drastically reduce material wastage by making sure the routing/cutting process is correct during the first production cycle. Furthermore, routing/cutting simulations generated by the software provide a digital rendering of the routed/cut product to allow toolpath adjustments before any material is processed. These benefits have a huge direct impact on the bottom line, namely profit, while the ROI on a CNC router has proved to be as short as two years. 

As demonstrated by leading suppliers like AXYZ International, the quality and durability of a typical CNC programmable router has never been better and its usage by different industries correspondingly never higher. The more robust construction of the machine has also led to a minimal maintenance requirement over the predicted lifespan, coupled with greater flexibility in use and ultimately a far more cost-effective routing/cutting solution overall. For example, it is highly unlikely that the servomotors driving the motion of the router would need to be replaced during its predicted lifespan. In addition, the availability of a helical gear rack and pinion drive system enables a much smoother and more evenly distributed workload capability, resulting in greater routing/cutting accuracy and tighter tolerances.

By comparison with companies that hitherto may have spent inordinate amounts of money on outsourcing, the business growth prospects and increased profitability, volume of work undertaken and increased production speeds achieved by companies having invested in CNC programmable routing/cutting technology have increased dramatically following this upgrade by on average as short as four years. For less than the annual cost of one experienced employee, therefore, companies can invest in an ultra-reliable, user-friendly, higher productivity and faster turnaround single CNC programmable machining solution that will work tirelessly for many years to come.

Profitability is a direct result of increased productivity, controlling manpower costs and minimising waste. A CNC programmable routing/cutting system achieves all of these requirements with a one-off investment.

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