A good and modern software solution in the field of stair design must be able to meet demanding and complex requirements – the solution must, for example, support stair-builders perfectly during all work steps and adapt to the individual needs and conditions of the respective company.

The connection to a machine and production are essential factors here, for with planning and design done, a stair-builder soon will be faced with the question of how to transfer the data to the CNC machine easily, quickly and efficiently for the production of the components.

SEMA Stair – planning and design

SEMA provides the perfect solution by merging two applications, both of which are proven in practice and well-established in the market, for the planning of stairs and machine control! SEMA, in co-operation with the Licom AlphaCAM Company, has integrated the transfer of production data and machine control into its CAD system, SEMA Stair.

SEMA connect – storing of production strategies

he result of this co-operation is the CNC machine control ‘SEMA connect powered by alphacam’. The machine data for production will be prepared automatically for easy transfer to the machine after the quick and efficient planning and design of any types and forms of stairs in the SEMA Stair software.

CNC – transfer to production on machine

The components can be produced in an individual and flexible way – perfect production strategies will be created and stored depending on the range of functions of the stair-builder’s machine(s) and the respective tools available. Stair-builders can then resort to these production strategies at the push of a button for every new stair project intended and, thus, save time and resources.

SEMA provides the entire workflow by means of this enhancement – from the planning of the stairs up to the production – everything from a single source. Users benefit from the convenience of one single contact partner for the transfer to a CNC machining centre – a significant and unique advantage on the market, unparalleled in terms of user-friendliness.