Just think about this for a moment, what is the first image that comes into your head when you think of hand sanding? The most common answer to this question is probably a block of wood with sandpaper wrapped around it. However, hand sanding has evolved to the point where there are now numerous tools available on the market due to the variety of processes and materials that are being used.

In the furniture industry, the hand sanding process is key to ensuring that all the lines and curves are smooth on the product before it leaves the workshop to either be painted or sold. Therefore, the user requires a wide ranging selection of tools to meet the varying requirements that come with each project.

One company that is continuously investing in its tools to ensure that it stays at the cutting edge of tool development is Mirka. Its aim is to ensure that users have the correct tools at their disposal, so they can manipulate them to achieve a smooth and consistent finish. This is evident by the fact that Mirka’s R&D department has developed a range that includes traditional sanding blocks as well as ergonomically designed tools that fit into the palm of the user’s hand. 

Although they are used for basic hand sanding, Mirka has two foam blocks which both use 70 x 125mm grip strips, either paper backed or net. Even with no dust extraction best results can still be achieved by using Mirka Abranet strips. The grip attachment means that as much pressure as required can be used without the abrasive strips slipping and moving around on the block. 

There is a double-sided block which has a soft and hard side, the soft side can be used for curved surfaces and the hard side for flat surfaces, so two blocks in one. The single-sided foam block has ergonomic finger grips along the side.

Moving away from basic block sanding, Mirka has developed hand sanding tools that can be used with an extractor, such as the 70x125mm grip hand block. This tool has been specifically designed for sanding by hand and can be used for all types of sanding, from coarse to fine, while having the ability to work in small spaces due to its size. In addition, when it is used in combination with Mirka’s net sanding products and connected to a suitable extractor, it provides a dust-free environment that protects workers from the health risks associated with dust particles and ensures that no dust is left on the work piece.

Now with Mirka’s latest product, hand sanding has been taken to the next level. The Roundy has a low profile that provides good control over the sanding process and an ergonomic design built around the shape of the fingers, which allows the user to work with the hand block for long periods of time without feeling the strain on the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. In addition, there are several features that make it stand out from the crowd. The first is the fact it can be used with both Mirka Abranet abrasives and 15-hole 150mm discs, so users only need to invest in one type of abrasive for their hand sander and random orbital sander.

The second is that the abrasives wrap around its sides allowing for smooth sanding on both sides of internal 90-degree edges. The final one is its dust extraction has become more efficient, even on a smaller surface area, as the Roundy has 34 extraction holes.

With the industry continuously changing, rest assured Mirka’s R&D department will continue to create innovative products to help customers be more efficient, saving time, and ultimately making them more profitable.