For low batch, flexible production to work effectively, it is important that materials are handled as efficiently as possible. Since the launch of the Homag HPS 320 flexTec, the board cutting process has been completely revolutionised with fully automated production techniques and unlimited recuts. 

This unique robotic beam saw, purposely designed for the processing of single panels, offers maximum flexibility in cutting patterns. This ensures materials are fully utilised during production. The intelligent modular design enables cutting lines to be configured according to customer specifications and customised in terms of both part flow and output.

At the heart of the HPS 320 flexTec is a fully automated robot, fitted with an intelligent vacuum head, which recognises the size of the parts to be handled. The full sheet is automatically fed into the beam saw and as soon as the first cut has been made and parts are fed out of the cutting area, the robot takes over where an operator would normally be required.

The intregal robot ensures zero error rates, rapid throughput and materials handled with total care

The parts are automatically placed back into the beam saw for cross cutting or re-cutting as required, according to the individual cutting patterns. This is true automation; taking away the need for operator intervention, maximising yield and improving efficiency in board conversion.

Finally, the robot collects the individual finished part from the front machine table and places it, correctly rotated for the next machining station, onto an outfeed conveyor. An optional addition which can be applied to this conveyor is the ability for automatic labelling. This ensures that every part leaving the beam saw is easily identifiable throughout the rest of production.

Sawing solution that offers the complete package

From its launch, the HPS 320 has proven to be a real game changer in the market, offering a user-friendly, easy to maintain cutting solution that has the capacity to process up to 1500 parts per shift. This automated cutting cell sets new standards in terms of reliability and quality. 

The panel dividing professionals at Homag understand that human error is natural, that‘s why this powerful cutting cell has been fully optimised right down to the last detail ensuring a consistent zero error rate is delivered. The fully automatic cutting process reduces manpower requirements to a minimum, with just one machine minder needed to monitor (not operate) the entire system.

One main driving factor in low batch, made to order production is optimal material yield. With the HPS 320 flexTec, this is maximised due to the flexibility in the cutting pattern layout. Waste is reduced thanks to the extra thin saw blades specifically designed for this single-panel saw.

A key advantage of the HPS 320 is its small footprint achieved mainly by its smart compact design with cleverly integrated waste removal system and in-built buffer system. The result is a high throughput in a small area, reduced maintenance costs, less tooling costs as well as lower energy requirements. 

By specifically designing a machine for processing single panels, exceptional energy-saving dust extraction can be achieved via the right-angled fence. Homag’s dustEx technology directs wood dust and shavings for horizontal extraction by the use of effective air jets on the machine table.

At LIGNA 2017, the HPS 320 opened further production opportunities by implementing highly intelligent software to enable the robot to unstack finished parts on up to four different lifting tables. This fundamentally reduces the manpower requirements to a minimum so that operators are able to be utilised elsewhere in production.

Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director at Homag UK explains: “With everything considered, the HPS 320 flexTec delivers significant gains for any manufacturer. This cutting cell truly takes automation to the next level. 

“What’s more is that the HPS 320 flexTec is modular and can be used as a stand-alone cutting cell, connected to an automatic horizontal storage system or integrated into an industrial production line, therefore making it an ideal solution for both the trade and industry sectors.”

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