CAD+T, a family business established 25 years ago, is an Austrian firm specialising in software solutions for joineries and interior fit-out companies.

CAD+T’s drafting software is based on AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor and offers specialised add-ons which focus on the requirements of the interior fit-out industry. 

Besides drafting and ERP solutions, CAD+T offers a next generation CNC interface. So far CNC data have been either programmed manually direct on the machine or have been imported from AutoCAD or Inventor as DXF format which still requires a lot of manual input to have the CNC program ready. But with the CNC technology of CAD+T it is now possible to change this situation. The draftsman does not need to have knowledge in CNC programming any more and can operate with several NC machines with one software.

One of the specialities is the NC drive of large tools, as sawing with five-axis machines considering the production logic for example every cut from top or material-dependent work steps. CAD+T offers interfaces to all current three- and five-axis CNC machines as well as tools for edgebanding and nesting. 

Nesting is even available in 3D – as well as on beam saw. This is required for carcasses with mitres, automatic chain cutting and mixed work orders with consolidation and staging.

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