Conscious of the need for speed, quality and versatility of equipment at all levels of industry, Homag has developed a group of unique solutions to benefit the entry level workshops. With these latest developments, Homag can provide for a complete panel processing cell at an extremely affordable price. 

If you are a smaller company looking to consistently produce premium quality panel-based products, whether it be for furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, shop fitting or other items, Homag can completely revolutionise your business.

High quality, truly affordable entry level beam saw

Justifying the investment of a beam saw is considered as a bone of contention with smaller companies, however Homag’s Sawteq B-130 is a real game-changer. It was specifically designed to offer smaller companies the same exacting standards as the larger beam saws but as a more affordable solution with the key benefits of the bigger models. This power-packed compact beam saw costs little more than a well-equipped sliding table saw yet performs at a much higher precision level and with far greater efficiency. With a saw carriage speed of up to 60m/minute, the Sawteq B-130 delivers faster, accurate cutting. Enhanced further by an electronically-controlled program fence and an electro-magnetic measuring system, dimensional accuracy to tight tolerances is guaranteed.

To create a saw that is designed for your specific needs, there is a number of options that can be specified for the Sawteq B-130. As standard, the machine features Homag’s robust clamps which gently and accurately position material over the cutting line. Additional clamps in positions two and four enable the secure clamping of large, thin or smooth panels. 

The main saw motor is a powerful 5.5kW, but this can be upgraded to a stronger 7.5kW motor if required. The in-feed air cushion tables are 500mm wide as standard, but can be specified at 650mm wide to allow for larger panels. Additional rollers on the edge of the air cushion table are also optional; these make gentle handling of larger panels easier and safer.

Ultimate zero-joint edge banding at an entry level

If you are looking to consistently produce premium quality panel-based products, for either furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, shopfitting or other items, you need an edge bander that you can rely on to perform at the same high level, day in, day out. The Homag Edgeteq S-240 is a cost-effective entry level edge bander which, because it features airTec zero-joint technology, delivers first class results every time.  

This compact edge banding solution is fully equipped with pre-milling, a heavy duty pressure zone for coil and strip materials, front and rear end trim saws, top and bottom trimming and profiling units and a corner-rounding unit to provide complete panel processing. With the Edgeteq S-240, the need for hand finishing is eliminated thanks to its profile scraper, glue joint scraper and buffing unit. 

Homag’s easyTouch controller is an intuitive, user-friendly control system that features a clear touch screen graphics display. The easyTouch controller has supporting functions that are simple and easy to access. The logging of production data, the selection of programs or the glue temperature can be quickly checked on this 7in display for optimum productivity. 

The ever-increasing diversity of edge materials, requires a highly flexible machine with rapid edge-changing capabilities. The easyTouch control system makes it possible to adapt the range of operations to meet requirements specific to customers and save the programs for instant call up.

The Edgeteq S-240 airTec can handle edge tape thickness from 0.4mm to 3mm and solid wood up to 6mm; it also has a panel thickness capability of 8-60mm. Overall, the S-240 airTec is a real work horse which will deliver first class results time after time.

The Drillteq V-200 - an ultra-compact powerhouse

Ultra-compact, state-of-the-art CNC

The ever-popular Drillteq V200 three-axis vertical machining centre is the ultimate addition to any workshop. Proving to be an ideal solution for kitchen, bedrooms and office furniture producers, this processing centre uses eight independently selectable vertical drilling spindles, all conforming to Homag’s very own quick-change drilling system. A real time-saver that offers true value to the customer.

Reliably equipped for all drilling needs, this CNC processing centre can drill on five sides and is also capable of grooving, routing at fast throughput rates whilst maintaining low energy usage to keep energy bills at bay.

With the capability of processing panel lengths of up to 3050mm, it is considered the perfect drilling solution for all businesses whether small, medium or large. It can process any type of wood based panel such as MFC, MDF, HDF and plywood. This robust machine can even handle demanding materials such as Trespa and solid wood components.

The unique advantage of the Drillteq V200 is that it is packed with all the features of a conventional CNC, but with a footprint of less than 5m², it is small enough to fit comfortably in any production facility. 

Generally, smaller machines mean processing times are extended. The Drillteq V200 however, can match the rapid processing times of much larger machines. Customers that have seen the Drillteq V200 put through its paces, have been nothing but impressed by its capability.

Homag Sandteq W-100 - efficient and precise entry level sanding

Efficient and precise entry level sanding

Providing an entrance into the world of professional sanding, the Sandteq W-100 from Homag is the perfect compact solution. Offering a working width of up to 1100mm with a sanding belt length of 1900mm, this machine is controlled via an easy-to-use touchscreen with 125 programs; featuring a frequency invertor for variable feed speeds, a maintenance free DC braking system, independently driven sanding heads and Poly V-belt drives. 

The Sandteq W-100 is also equipped with a combi-head with profiled steel contact roller and a workpiece-controlled air cushion sanding pad. This entry level wide-belt sander operates with a single powerful sanding head, effortlessly executing sanding tasks, ensuring perfect calibration and finish sanding results are achieved on both solid wood and veneered panels.

With a choice between two heads, the Sandteq W-100 proves to be the ultimate flexible starter machine. The L-Head uses a contact roller for calibration and an air cushion sanding pad system (acp). This pneumatic pressure pad system delivers the right pressure over the entire working width. 

In the same way, the C-Head also features a contact roller for calibration but with the addition of the electronic pneumatic pad system (eps) for sanding. The machines’ electronics ensure the optimum sanding pressure on all areas of a workpiece. The pressure pad system consists of separate segments which are applied to match the workpiece shape. Offering a thickness tolerance compensation of up to 2mm, the system is perfect for intermediate sanding of solid wood and veneer. The Sandteq W-100 also has the capability of lacquer sanding when configured with the C-Head. All this technology engineered into a very compact footprint and available at a cost-effective price makes the Sandteq W-100 sander hard to beat.

Programming to perfection 

Homag realises the true importance of software and as the global market leader, offers today’s manufacturing environment an array of packages to satisfy any programming need. From product design, 3D rendering and estimating, to ordering CAM interface and CNC programming, it has the software solution for customers.

woodCAD|CAM is a true time-saver in terms of work preparation. Developed to optimise preparation processes, this 3D product designs and manufactures software revolutionises each planning phase. From the first sketch to the final product, from the calculations to the offer and from the design to the CNC data generation, woodCAD|CAM provides genuine efficiency and flexibility to your business.

Homag’s ever-popular CNC software, woodWOP, is a user-friendly programming interface which offers operators 3D visualisations of workpieces, processing steps, as well as clamping equipment. By entering the processing parameters into woodWOP, routing, drilling and saw cuts can be easily generated and checked within the interface offering the highest accuracy in programming.

Homag also offers a range of optimisation software from MagiCut. Transforming panel cutting into a more efficient, time-saving and waste-reducing process, this solution proves to be a true money saver. Offering great lengths of versatility and flexibility, there’s a MagiCut software module to enhance every part of the manufacturing process.

An entrance to a world of technology

Representing a new dawn for smaller manufacturers, this collection of truly state-of-the-art technology offers entry level businesses the opportunity to compete with larger producers, opening up new markets and delivering new levels of professionalism.

The Homag Finance team is able to offer flexible finance solutions on any of the Homag range, making this complete manufacturing work cell within reaching distance and more affordable than ever before.

For more information or a demonstration of any of the entry level technology from Homag, contact Adele Hunt at Homag on 01332 856424.