Since 1976 Starbank has excelled in providing high quality panel fabrication to the fit-out industry and its associated trades. Each year continued investment in its people, systems and machine technology ensures that it transmits ‘best value’ to its loyal and growing customer base. After all, the strap line says it all...

“Over the last four decades, we have built a very strong supply chain which compliments perfectly the technical innovation we see today,” explains John McCaffrey, Starbank business development manager, “be that new surface textures, advances in water resistance and zero formaldehyde products to high quality digital print, lightweight construction and more. We work with it all.”

The panel industry has some truly wonderful products that enhance and support the latest in interior design requirements whilst also focusing on limiting environmental impact. This is also true at Starbank where class-leading biomass, solar and recycling schemes – together with FSC & PEFC chain of custody – has reduced the company’s carbon footprint significantly over the last five years. Not resting on its laurels, Starbank is even working towards carbon neutral status on our energy requirements, a huge commitment.

“As an OEM fabricator we see ourselves as an extension of our customers’ business. It makes us proud that our partners trust in Starbank to take these raw boards, decorative melamines and laminates through our facility to create components and products that fit-out and support the built environment around us,” says John.

“Having the ability and skills to fabricate custom components for a wide variety of sectors such as education, healthcare, commercial, leisure and marine fit-out to name but a few, creates agility and flexibility with our production capabilities that remains one of our biggest strengths.

“Each year we work on over 5000 individual projects, producing hundreds of thousands of parts to companies benefiting from outsourcing specialist services for lamination, edgebanding, postforming, CNC machining and sub-assembly. These partnerships allow our customers to concentrate on their own strengths without cause for concern on capacity, technical ability or production space.

“Quality matters to your business and your long-term success and Starbank recognises this because it’s how we manage and will continue to manage our own business into the future.”

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