Since 1926, KBB Insure has made it its business to understand its clients’ businesses, which has, in turn, enabled it to provide tailor-made insurance policies to suit individual business requirements.

KBB Insure boasts extensive experience in assisting manufacturing businesses, highlighting the risk, control and prevention measures to help reduce accidents associated with the types of machinery used – especially in the woodworking industry.

Alongside Public and Products Liability and Employers Liability Insurances, the company focuses on Material Damage and Business Interruption. 

KBB Insure approaches every business with an open mind, but its experience has shown that the main risk, due to the nature of materials in use, is fire. Some points to be aware of are:


It is essential that standards are high. Insurers expect the effective use of fixed extraction systems that are regularly inspected (LEV)

Waste management

Particularly the sale and storage of wood for biomass, and the burning of wood for heating purposes.


Where possible, segregate areas within open-plan workplaces to minimise the spread of fire.

Machinery and premises

Replacing machinery is normally a quick process, but thought needs to be given to the availability of alternative premises.


Have duplicates available in case of loss or damage.

Highly flammable liquids

Limit the daily use of these in the workplace, and have an external storage facility.

Health and Safety policies within the workplace, plus ongoing accredited training procedures, will help minimise exposure of the workforce to risk.

KBB Insure takes great pride in providing advice that enables its customers to not only survive, but keep their business working, should the worst happen.

Steve Mason, of 1st Choice Fitted Bedrooms in Darwen, Lancashire, comments: “We have invested significantly in new plant and machinery to maintain our reputation for cutting-edge technology. The risks of injury and damage evolve and change with this advanced level of manufacturing. As we are fully committed to Health and Safety, quality assurance processes and a clean working environment, it is important that we remain aware of the risks.

“KBB Insure’s Stephen Cadman fully understands our business processes and requirements, and provides advice and bespoke insurance protection. KBB Insure (Munro Greenhalgh) are an integral part of 1st Choice Fitted Bedrooms, and are key to the smooth running of our business.”

Stephen Cadman comments: “We are delighted to have helped 1st Choice Fitted Bedrooms for over 10 years, changing their policies as and when they have improved their machines and processes. We have tailored cover to their needs, including (for both manufacture and installation) material damage, business interruption and liabilities. 

“The use of fixed woodworking machinery is perceived as high-risk, but some machines are worse than others. It is important that we fully understand the processes to ensure that our clients are properly covered at the best possible price, and that, should a disaster occur, our in-house claims team can respond quickly to help.”

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