“The unique Holz-Her Glu Jet system has proven itself to be an all rounder for both craftsmen and industrial users,” begins Paul. “It offers a superb mix of speed and performance and really is the only solution on the market that makes ultra-thin glue joints achievable when using both PUR and EVA.

“The Glu Jet also offers a high level of flexibility which has been key to its success. You, the manufacturer, are in control of your own manufacturing processes. You set and control the benchmark and the Glu Jet works with you to fulfil them.”

From its ability to work with a wide range of materials – including state-of-the-art, high gloss edging and thick, solid wood lippings – to its capacity to work effectively with both EVA and PUR quickly and efficiently, the Glu Jet guarantees consistent, high-quality glue application. 

“Time really is on your side with the Glu Jet,” explains Paul. “We all know that changing between EVA and PUR can be a timely and expensive process. It can take between 12-14 hours to clean down a glue pot after using PUR and it has the added expense of additional glue pots, nitrogen tanks and bottled nitrogen needed to dispel the air. This can easily set you back thousands of pounds. It’s the only reason why people don’t use PUR. It is the best glue on the market – especially for use on KBB components – and it can offer a near laser finish but the change-over time and clean-down time makes it untenable. That is, unless you have a Holz-Her Glu Jet.” 

The patented Glu Jet system takes just four minutes to change from EVA to PUR and four minutes to clean down when using PUR thanks to its automatic cleaning system. It’s hybrid technology also allows you to change over from coloured to neutral glue quickly and conveniently – something that simply can’t be achieved when using a traditional glue system, unless spare glue pots are used or lengthy clean-down employed. Paul explains, “With the Glu Jet, not only can you change from EVA to PUR glue within a matter of minutes, you can also change from coloured to neutral glue in the same short space of time. This means you can colour-match your EVA and hide the glue line or you can choose to minimize the glue line thickness by using PUR. It’s two-fold on the Holz-Her as standard.”

The system has also proven to save time, energy and money on every application. “The Glu Jet takes just three minutes to heat up, compared with 15 minutes or longer on a traditional edgbander. It also offers precise glue quantity and heat management at the melting point and nozzle, allowing you to heat only the glue you need. Not only do you not need to keep your machine running when not in use, you’re only heating what you need, guaranteeing your glue maintains its maximum strength and intended colour. This offers steadfast convenience and significantly reduces production time. It also impacts on your energy usage, as the Holz-Her system only uses 2.1kw – three times less than a standard machine – saving you up £2000 per year on your energy bill. 

What’s more, the optimised continuous slot nozzle means it automatically adapts to all common panel thicknesses and delivers the exact amount of glue needed at an optimal pressure to suit each glue viscosity. This ensures consistently strong joints between the panel and edging. Paul says, “The tracing nozzle automatically adapts to the thickness of the panel, compensating for any irregular panel thicknesses, whilst the sensing shoe opens the nozzle at the exact point it’s needed. This results in a perfect, clean glue application every time.” 

Paul continues: “It’s safe to say that the husbandry involved in using PUR on our machines is a massive feature. So, uniquely, as standard on every single demonstration we run at our showroom in Abingdon, we will run PUR because we want people to see how easy it is for us, using the Glu Jet system.

“Visitors to our showroom are welcome to bring their own material to see what can be achieved. We use a variety of different glue suppliers and with the flexibility of using EVA and PUR granulates or cartridges as standard (with the change between cartridges to granules taking a matter of minutes), it offers customers a choice between ease of use and the price of glue.

“We also offer a remote machinery demonstration via webcam and if customers want to send us their components, we can film the demonstration and post the panels back to them for inspection. The results really do speak for themselves.” 

Paul adds: “There is a reason why our existing Holz-Her customers have repeatedly proven their loyalty to our brand and placed their confidence in Holz-Her. Once they have moved away from using glue pots, they don’t want to move back. The advantages to using PUR are clear -  it offers a near zero glue line, allowing you to enhance the overall aesthetics, whilst increasing performance – and thanks to decades of development, Holz-Her’s Glu Jet system delivers edgebanding in minutes. With a three-year warranty as standard on every Glu Jet, we have the utmost confidence in our system and, with an experienced in-house service and spare parts team and our very own factory-trained engineers on hand to assist you, we have you covered. That’s uniquely Holz-Her.” 

So why not join over 50,000 companies using the Holz-Her Glu Jet system today? To arrange your demonstration, visit www.holzher.co.uk for more information.