Salvamac is a modern company, born from a considerable experience and guided by a vision oriented to the future and always open to change. In this perspective, the Salvamac Group multiplies itself exponentially in three departments.

The Cross-cutting part specialises in the cutting and optimisation of wood, the Air & Painting department where the suction, air filtration, the wood painting systems find a reference point – and finally, the brand new Salvamac Selection, an innovation that will help the Salvamac project evolve.

Salvamac has a consistent catalogue focusing on automatic cutting lines, but also on semi-automatic cutters equipped with devices that make them real cutting centres. 

The Salvapush 2000 pusher optimising saw has been recently developed with a new version of software that allows anyone to manage it simply and completely like a smartphone, with website graphics and all the practicality for setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication among all electronic components. 

Not only that, Salvamac says the recent developments in barcode data import and the relative just-in-time  management systems (from the development of the customer’s order to the finished product) make it a unique solution on the market for production processes even in single batches. 

The cutting range is also complemented by the Classic cutting saws characterised by the 3S of Salvamac’s philosophy: solid, simple and safe 

Friend 300

Solid because they are designed and made to work even in difficult conditions and of heavy wood. The structure is completely made of hard painted steel, very thick and very resistant. Safe thanks to the two-hand safety control in an ergonomic position and the blade protection cover that allows to work in absolute safety. Simple because the ease of use is increased by the new successful Salvastop 100 device, the evolution of the numerical control length positioning and stop system. It is the real solution to save labour costs, waste of productivity and decrease human errors and finally forget to use the tape measure. 

Following this philosophy, Salvamac has just launched in the market the new professional Multi-Function and Mobile Table Friend 300 with adjustable height. 

Stability, safety, manageability, comfort are some of the features that make Friend_300 a real support and help. Working with the utmost simplicity, the operator has at disposal a safe professional table that helps him daily in the work: a perfect friend to reduce operators efforts using it as a storage, loading, unloading and transporting support, workstation and more.