If you’d like to join panels quickly and cost-effectively without the need for glue and you’d like your CNC to do the cutting work, Lamello and Holz-Her have the perfect solution. 

For over 30 years, Lamello has been committed to working with leading machinery manufacturers in order to push the boundaries of design and technology. Continual investment and ongoing development into its wood joining solutions, has seen Lamello’s P-System gain a huge global following and has paved the way for its innovative range of CNC connectors.

Since 2014, the Swiss fixing expert has been working in partnership with German machinery giant, Holz-Her to offer customers a unique one-step machining process – the P-System. The P-System simplifies the manufacturing process, significantly reduces production time, cuts labour costs and increases productivity. 

The Nextec series has been designed to work with Lamello’s Clamex and Cabineo fixings

“At Holz-Her, partnering with innovators like Lamello is extremely important to us,” begins Paul Nightingale, national sales manager of Holz-Her UK. “It’s vital for us stay ahead of market trends and offer our customers simple solutions to a wealth of panel processing requirements. By joining forces with Lamello and incorporating unique aggregates and software into our CNC range, our customers, regardless of their size or production capabilities, can benefit from tailor-made machining solutions that are uniquely Holz-Her.”

Paul Nightingale, National Sales Manager for Holz-Her UK

The Evolution 7405 Connect, which was the first machine in the Holz-her range to be P-System ready, offers vertical CNC machining in a compact format. “What makes this machine special, is its ability to machine pockets and grooves,” explains Paul. “It has an extra tool-changing position that can change the orientation of the aggregate via the tool-changer. With no need for a C-Axis, the machine rotates the aggregate from the X to the Y, allowing the Clamex-P pockets to be created in X and Y directions and on all four edges. This means the panel can be processed single-handed rather than having to be moved to a dedicated horizontal boring machine once the initial cuts have been made. The process is in keeping with our Industry 4.0 standard and without a doubt, streamlines production and simplifies the whole P-System cutting process.” 

The Nextec offers mitre cuts of 22.5-180 degrees

Holz-Her’s Dynestic series takes automation a step further and features unique tooling designed around the P-System. Paul says, “Every machine in the Dynestic range can incorporate the Lamello P-System and the aggregate can be retrofitted. When nesting, our unique system allows us to machine in the nest. This means you don’t have to take the components off the machine, put pods onto the bed and re-present the components to the machine before starting horizontal machining. Everything is done within the nest.

“What’s more, our patented pocketing system allows us to perform accurate Lamello P-System cut-outs in both X and Y directions, as well as on the edges. This is not available on other nesting machines, our design allows space for the Lamello tool to drop down and make a clean cut. It’s a fully automated process that eliminates the need to handle the panels. This in turn means your data point doesn’t change, eliminating any tolerances.” 

Offering four P-System-ready CNC ranges, Holz-Her provides a complete and extremely efficient solution for customers looking to benefit from Lamello’s P-System. 

Offering a completely digitalised production cycle, the Nextec series has been designed to work with the Clamex and Cabineo. It features CabinetSelect software that includes 400 cabinets parametrically programmed to create job lists automatically. It also automatically calculates how many Lamello connectors you will need to use on each design. Paul says, “This couldn’t be simpler. It offers the user a fast and effective way to size, cut and assemble carcasses without the need for edge drilling or continual handling. It offers huge time-saving potential, economises on materials and waste and simplifies production without impacting on quality. For Holz-Her, that’s the key. People want to invest in technology that benefits them and makes life easier. Lamello’s P-System does exactly that and that’s why we incorporate their products into our machinery offering.” 

Alternatively, for component machining, Lamello’s P-System can be used on Holz-Her’s Pro-Master pod and rail range of three, four and five axis CNCs.

The Nextec’s CabinetSelect software automatically calculates how many Lamello connectors you need. It is a fast and effective way to size, cut and assemble carcasses without the need for edge drilling or continual handling

Paul adds: “There is little or no machining time penalty when using the P-System, making Lamello’s P-system the cheapest on the market because of its time-saving properties. Yes, a singular panel will take longer to be machined but when compared to the time it would take to move panels from one machine to another and the increased chance of human error, it’s far quicker. This, teamed with faster on-site assembly, makes it feasible for the P-system upgrade to pay for itself within six months. Whilst factors may vary, the benefits remain the same: your production will be streamlined and time and money will be saved.”

Shaye Chatfield, Lamello area sales manager International for the UK and Ireland, adds, “Lamello is committed to the furniture industry and dedicated to technical innovation. By partnering with key CNC manufacturers like Holz-Her, who supply three-axis machines right though to fully-automated five-axis machines, we’re able to demonstrate a simple, fast and strong drilling and insertion process that offers huge time-saving benefits, whilst maintaining consistently high-quality results on a wide range of machines. It’s a winning combination. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and see how versatile the P-System is for yourself at Holz-Her UK’s Abingdon showroom.”

Keen to see Lamello’s P-System in action on a Holz-Her CNC? Book a demonstration at Holz-Her UK’s Abingdon showroom by calling 01235 557600

For more information on the Lamello P-System please visit www.lamello.co.uk