As a world-leading manufacturer of grinding and erosion machines that has always retained its ever-present focus on the customer, Vollmer has introduced a host of automation solutions for what it describes as its ground-breaking VGrind 360 tool grinding machine.

The Vollmer VGrind

As the successor to the VGrind 160, the VGrind 360 tool grinding machine is equipped with enhanced travel distances to machine carbide tools up to a diameter of 100mm. Thanks to its two vertical spindles, the VGrind 360 also allows tried-and-tested multi-level machining. This enables tool manufacturers to produce large numbers of milling cutters and drills quickly and precisely, making the VGrind 360 the most productive solution on the market. However, manufacturers are increasingly demanding automated tool production and this is where Vollmer really excels.

Automated solutions, such as pallet magazines, wheel-changing packages and free-arm robots allow machining to continue unsupervised around the clock – but the opportunities go much further.  The optional wheel-changing facility on the VGrind 360 provides the opportunity for manufacturers to load up to eight grinding wheel packages. Accommodating grinding wheels up to 150mm diameter, the wheel changer is located outside the work envelope in a clean environment to prevent contamination. This fully automated process can change a wheel and the respective coolant nozzles in just nine seconds on either spindle

Vollmer VGrind 360 with automation system

For a machine to attain such astounding levels of precision, Vollmer has to meticulously develop each stage of the process. This includes the fully automatic gripper compensation that takes 10 seconds to undertake a tool return and collection cycle. With the gripper compensation system and grinding wheels equipped in a single measuring unit, precision and run-out are massively improved whilst sleeve wear is drastically reduced. 

Encompassing everything from grinding and measuring through to automatic compensation and finish grinding, you can be confident that Industry 4.0 solutions from Vollmer will streamline your cutting tool production. Vollmer works in synergy with NUM and the company’s NUMROTO grinding and simulation software that is integrated into the Vollmer V@dison vision. 

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