Today, the beauty and cohesiveness of furniture and accessories is based on elegance and perfection. Within this context, edges must be impeccable – a quality panel requires edgebanding strips that match perfectly in terms of colour, decor, and finish.

Biesse, providing cutting-edge technology that is capable of responding to the qualitative needs the market demands, has developed an all-new technology for the application of edgebanding strips to shaped panels – Ray Force System. 

Its design is based on an incomparable technique which uses infra-red lamps to fuse a reactive layer, and the advantages are impressive – maximum quality of finish, reduced energy consumption, and ease of use. The lack of a glue line guarantees the continuity of the panel’s surfaces for an aesthetic result of enduring quality. 

Biesse’s Ray Force System makes it possible to considerably reduce production costs compared to standard technologies that require the use of glue. It does not require maintenance, it does not get dirty, waiting times for glue heating are eliminated, and sensitivity to environmental conditions is drastically reduced. 

Compared to laser technologies, Ray Force System requires a much smaller investment and is much easier and safer to use, states Biesse. Furthermore, unlike laser technology, its flexibility allows for the option to use the traditional technique with EVA or PUR glue as well, through a fast and easy manual change of equipment.

The maximum quality of the finished product is obtained through edgebanding strips that are specially made by the largest world suppliers, but it is also possible to buy from local manufacturers that have developed pre-glued strips with the proper characteristics.

Alongside the best-selling Air Force System technology for linear edgebanding, the Ray Force System for shaped edgebanding makes it possible to cover all possibilities of the process for this kind of machining operation.