The year has started with many challenges, to say the least, states adhesives specialist Kenyon – Covid-19 and lockdown, raw materials in short supply globally, with several suppliers declaring force majeure, shortages of ships, containers and trailers, and price increases filtering down the supply chains. For example, in recent months there have been unprecedented price increases for cardboard, predominantly driven by increased demand for packaging used for online shopping sales. These may be turbulent times, with choppy waters ahead, but Kenyon says it is in a prime position to deliver, nonetheless …

In these strange times, supply chain stability is a massively important factor that companies are looking for, states Kenyon, and having a reliable adhesive supplier which delivers on time ticks those all-important stability boxes.

“The adhesives sector has faced, and indeed continues to face, many challenges during these difficult times,” says James Hamilton, Kenyon’s UK sales manager

“Being Henkel Premium Partners, and therefore backed by a global adhesive giant, Kenyon’s are in the position to be able to guarantee UK stockholding across three warehouses, so that they are ready to keep you gluing. No lead times – goods delivered when they are needed – the time and effort put in to ensure the customer achieves the best solution! 

“Kenyon’s have always based their business around service and support, which has made us a key go-to company for a reliable supply of high-quality woodworking adhesives across all technologies.”

As James explains: “We all understand that production lines rely on delivery dates, which has been highlighted again recently by the impacts of Brexit and Covid-19, and increases in production demands. 

“It is through our continued investments and stockholdings that we have been able to meet these demands and continue a guaranteed supply of products to our customers. This has emphasised the importance of our next-day delivery service and technical support, which has allowed companies to continue producing and have the assurances they need in such difficult times.

The bond between Kenyon’s and Henkel keeps getting stronger

“Delivery is important, very important, but it has to be backed up with a quality adhesive product, technical support, advice and adhesive problems solved,” says James. “There’s little point in delivering the products on time if the adhesive doesn’t do the job it’s required to do! Kenyon’s tick all the boxes, and on top of that are very competitive on price. 

“However, in these current unprecedented times, more and more often the delivered price doesn’t always appear to be the dominant deal-breaker. The importance has switched to the ability to deliver the right product at the right time. Having stock available and on-time delivery now outweighs a few pence a kilo saving. It’s a proven fact – just ask any customer whose production line has been halted.

“Kenyon’s are Henkel Premium Partners for furniture and building component adhesives. These markets are supplied under the industry-leading brand names Technomelt and Aquence, which are recognised for quality and proven performance – thousands of customers using Henkel can’t be wrong!

“Henkel have an adhesive for your gluing application – edgebanding, profile wrapping, flat lamination, wood assembly, 3D thermoforming, edge sealing, sandwich panel lamination and foam bonding – your application is glued!”