Morbidelli x200/x400 

This machine is the latest-generation SCM solution for nesting, ideal for flexible batch-one production. Pieces, even shaped ones, in a variety of forms and sizes can be cut on a single numerical control machining centre, with production levels once considered inconceivable for this kind of machining.

An exemplar of the Morbidelli m range, the Morbidelli m200 is widely recognised as a benchmark for CNC machining centres. Its solid structure, 250mm piece transit, five-axis Prisma KT and Morbidelli m200 Flexmatic plane can handle not only every kind of panel machining, but also those for solid wood

Unique flexibility 

All the machining work is done without removing the spoil board panel, thanks to the X-POD suction cups and the JQX (Just Quality eXtreme) five-axis electrospindle. This dramatically reduces the machine’s set-up times. 

Previously inconceivable productivity 

Thanks to the new labeller inside the machine’s cabin, the labelling of individual panels is executed automatically, before the panel is machined (even in the case of a standalone version), and this optimises cycle times. 

Maximum grip 

It is possible to vacuum down even the smallest pieces during machining, thanks to the new X-Vacuum system, which allows for a dynamic vacuum to be activated, concentrating it on the worktable zone where machining is ongoing. 

SCM technology is optimally designed for flexible batch-one production

Maximum versatility 

The machining centre can be configured to suit a business’ requirements. The Morbidelli x200/x400 can be used in Smooth, Neutral or Dynamic mode to personalise program applications in an instant.


Morbidelli m100

The all-in-one technology revolution does not end here – the Morbidelli m100 continues to surprise and evolve, with a new compact solution that makes the five-axis machine the smallest on the market. It offers all the advantages of the Morbidelli m range in an ultra-compact solution, states SCM.

Morbidelli m200 

The Morbidelli m range has confirmed itself globally as the benchmark for CNC machining centres, states SCM. Thanks to its solid structure, the 250mm piece transit, five-axis Prisma KT and Morbidelli m200 Flexmatic plane can handle not only every kind of panel machining, but also those for solid wood.


The impressive Morbidelli p800 can machine even the most complex pieces in just a few steps

Morbidelli p800

This is SCM’s no-compromise solution, which combines the traditional operations carried out on a machining centre with the possibility of edging even the most difficult shaped pieces. The combination between the MATIC work plane and the innovative operator unit means the Morbidelli p800 can machine even the most complex pieces, in a few steps. From the 0-360° edge closures, to the tilted edgebanding, via automatic change of the pressure roller, there are no boundaries for this machining centre, says SCM.

SCM opens up a new era for drilling with Morbidelli ux200

Absolute quality and superior precision, combined with unbeatable productivity and ease of use – these are the strengths of the new range of numerically controlled drilling solutions from SCM, states the supplier. 

The Morbidelli ux200 has been designed to meet the growing needs for batch-one and integrated production. This grants producers the possibility of satisfying any given customer’s special requirements without compromising on the benefits of industrial production. 

Every detail in this machine has been designed with meticulous care in order to allow all the required machining operations to be performed with high-efficiency, top-quality and advanced technology. 

The machine that best combines flexibility and high productivity

Thanks to the four separate operator units (two upper and two lower), any piece can be machined in a few steps. Furthermore, the possibility of simulaneously processing two overlapping pieces also means the production of symmetrical pieces can be doubled.

A noteworthy feature in the Morbidelli ux200d is the exclusive dowelling unit with dual variable axis, which can be adjusted according to the distance between holes. 

Among the features available across the entire series is the dual automatic toolchanger for both the upper and lower electrospindles (used for simultaneous machining of opposite sides of panels), and the tool for Clamex customised joints.

Superior finishing is achieved thanks the JQX (Just Quality eXtreme) five-axis, direct-driven spindle head, which ensures the absence of vibrations even with huge material removal at high speed – and with the high-performance drilling heads with RO.AX (rotoaxial spindle technology) spindles, with rotation speeds up to 8000rpm

Cycle time optimisation, thanks to the shaped clamps

The new clamps’ design allows drilling and routing operations even on the inside of the clamping area. The software Maestro CNC is in charge of optimising all the operations in order to minimise clamp switches.

Perfect drilling – the Ro.AX spindle

Zero play during machining can be ensured with the latest RO.AX technology (rotoaxial spindle technology) – the most efficient spindle on the market, with rotation speeds up to 6000rpm. The sturdiness of drilling heads is proven by the reduced maintenance costs, which are five times less than those imposed by the majority of other machine manufacturers, says SCM.

Other advantages are offered by the highly advanced computer software, which controls the drilling cycles and the ability to automatically load panels of any size. In addition, in case of a double panel machining, the Maestro CNC is able to automatically create the operations for the second piece – one program, but several ways of working!

Highly versatile, the Morbidelli ux200d can operate as a standalone machine or as an integrated part of a production line, with various types of workpiece conveyors and loading/unloading systems.