Salvamac continues to move forward in its social and ethical approach to production and innovation, by creating a true and relevant group that is based on the support of four production units in three different countries – to obtain a winning mix of Italian head and heart with the dynamics, advantages and competences of national realities in strong evolution.

In this perspective, the Salvamac Group multiplies itself exponentially in three departments. The cross-cutting part specialised in the cutting and optimisation of wood, the Air&Painting department sees the suction, air filtration and wood painting systems find their reference point, and finally the new Salvamac Selection, a true innovation that reflects the natural evolution of the Salvamac project.

Salvamac Air&Painting – suction and painting at the highest quality, with the highest safety levels

Present on the market for over 30 years, and always oriented towards high-quality products, Salvamac is already conquering positions in various markets, with an offer that ranges from painting booths equipped with innovative sandwich panels to provide greater resistance and devices that significantly reduce consumption, to its do-it-clean sanding benches. 

In addition to the Painting department, which includes solutions for companies of different sizes and needs, Salvamac can offer ultra-robust and efficient portable vacuum cleaners, bag filters and cartridges, as well as complete customised systems. 

This is the Air department’s mission – all with the clear intention of exploiting the potential of the internet with more traditional sales and assistance systems, always focusing on what the customer really needs.

In particular, the most recent projects and products confirm Salvamac’s  success in aspiration systems – especially the high-tech mobile aspirators of the SuperDep series.

These special collectors are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technologies. They are very versatile filter groups, which take up little space, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and extremely functional in the extraction of dust and woodchips. 

The fan is positioned in such a way as to obtain negative pressure, which prevents the escape of dust in the event of a leak. The automatic compressed air cleaning system makes it the right ally for those working in the industrial woodworking sector, states Salvamac.

All models achieve a residual dust content of less than 0.1mg/m³ and comply with the residual dust level H3.

Another product that has found success in UK market is Salvamac’s dust extractor, suitable for small flow capacity and limited spaces.

Salvamac says its Trolley Bag series of mobile dust extractors is ideal for small-scale operations and for those working in a limited space. They have a small footprint and are suitable for small- and medium-sized applications. They have a trolley so are mobile and easy to move, extremely comfortable and easy to handle – for indoor and temporary use. 

The main features are: a solid build with 10 years’ warranty on the hard steel structure; high performance, thanks to the motor’s power effect, which is increased by the special aspiration system; simple, because it only needs a few seconds to change the collecting bags with special closing rings; and symmetrical, to ensure the best calibration between filter and collecting bags.

Salvamac Selection - a solution for every need

As part of the Salvamac project, the third branch, Salvamac Selection, has been set-up – a selection of different products with the same culture and philosophy that distinguish the company as an international company. 

Christian Salvador defines it thus: “Our network and its strength will allow us to introduce new products for the solid wood industry every month – high-quality machines, as throughout our history, but at a price that allows more companies to choose the technological path.

“The strategy is clear – to optimise the process and use every possible country advantage to produce machines with the highest quality and affordable prices for the customer. This is the reason for choosing the Salvamac brand – machines that are simple to use and with which it is easier to cut costs and increase profits. 

“It’s a true network creation that gives the missing added value to our customers and to the whole wood industry. We are ready for the new challenge.”

The briquetting press Leader 60 takes the lead 

The high level of quality and real heavy-duty structures make Salvamac’s briquetting presses a leader for the recycling and compression of wood and industrial waste. 

Thanks to their design, construction and features, Salvamac’s briquetting presses are widely known for their efficiency and reliability. A wide range of accessories is also available, with which to customise machines to a client’s individual needs.