Known originally for its high performance technically advanced beam saws, CNCs and edge banders, Homag’s planing, profiling, moulding and sanding machines have also achieved similar market-leading status. These products combine state of the art technology with bullet-proof mechanical engineering to deliver an extensive variety of product features and superior finishes.

Homag Mouldteq – a versatile range of moulders and profilers 

These machines can process a wide variety of solid wood products. From the four-sided planing of complex window profiles and floor planks to the intricate machining detail of furniture components.

In keeping with the Homag standard, the Mouldteq range is powerTouch operated - a truly unique feature in the moulder industry. At the entry-level is the efficient Homag Mouldteq M-200. This model is well equipped to handle a wide variety of tasks. The most advanced model in this range is the Mouldteq M-300.  This flexible machine is packed with features and delivers not only variable feed speeds from 6-24 m/min but also variable spindle speeds. Each spindle can be individually programmed between 4000-8000 rpm. 

Simon Brooks, Homag UK’s managing director explains why the Mouldteq M-300 series (pictured) is a real game changer for small to medium sized manufacturers: “The ever-increasing complex designs of window profiles, intricate machining details of door frames and the demand for smaller batch sizes continue to create significant challenges manufacturers. 

“Remaining competitive relies on not only the quality of the finished product but also the ability to produce it efficiently. That’s why it’s so important that the solid timber is planed to the highest possible standard, creating the perfect foundation ahead of the next stage of production. Our Mouldteq M-300 series has been ergonomically engineered to efficiently deliver such superior solid timber finishes for all types of product design.”

Homag intelliMoulding app optimises production for all brands

This free, handy multifunction app provides great support for planing or profiling machine operation and can be used with all machine brands. The app provides various digital tools that are precisely tailored to the requirements of the planing or profiling system. These tools can help minimise errors, make production more efficient and open up new potentials for optimisation. 

The app can determine and specify the machine parameters for the best possible plane mark distance to optimise the surface quality of the planed workpiece. The expected production quantity on a planing and profiling machine can be determined quickly and easily with the app. The app also calculates the suction volume of the planing and profiling machine. This enables the operator to determine whether an existing planing and profiling machine has sufficient capacity for connecting to an additional sanding machine, for example. 

Homag Sandteq wide belt sanders for the perfect finish

Homag is renowned for its powerful wide-belt sanding technology and innovative surface processing. A wide belt sander is used for grinding the surface of solid wood, fine sanding of sheet materials, intermediate sanding during painting and for sanding large surfaces. 

A comprehensive range of models is included in Homag’s wide-belt sander portfolio starting at entry-level models specifically designed for small workshops, through to high-throughput machines for advanced manufacturing plants. All are touch screen operated and equipped with various sanding heads featuring different sanding rollers and sanding belts. Brush units can also be configured for the processing of structured surfaces.

Homag Sandteq W-100 for entry-level professional wide belt sanding 

Whether used as a single-belt machine or with two sanding units, the Sandteq 

W-100 series is an efficient solution for all sanding tasks. Its uses include calibration and fine sanding of solid wood, as well as the sanding of veneers; there is also an option for interim paint sanding. This diverse series comes in five machine combinations, adjusted to suit specific conditions and tasks.  

Homag Sandteq W-200 for the demanding craftsman and small industrial manufacturers

With many configuration possibilities, the Sandteq W-200 series is highly versatile. Small and medium-sized carpentry and joinery companies can take advantage of the high levels of performance and versatility offered by this machine which is ideal for the processing of kitchen, office and solid wood furniture. 

Homag Sandteq W-300 (pictured) for small/medium-sized carpentry and joinery companies

This series delivers all-round sanding solutions to fulfil every sanding requirement from calibration to a high gloss finish. The key benefits of this series include:

  • Excellent sanding results due to acp®, eps® and mps® pressure beam systems
  • infinitely variable feed speeds (2.5-13 m/min) make it easily adjustable 
  • High drive outputs of up to 30 kW
  • High level of flexibility due to independently driven sanding units
  • Simplified handling due to automatic workpiece thickness measurement and independent adjustment of the machine
  • Movable machine stands provide constant processing height 
  • Prepared slots for retrofitting various brushing and cleaning units

Homag Sandteq W-700 for demanding industrial sanding

Designed for the calibrating, fine sanding and transverse sanding of surfaces ranging from solid wood and veneered or coated workpiece surfaces to high-quality glossy finishes.

The Sandteq W-700 series provides all the essential sanding options for demanding environments. With up to five processing units and working widths of 1350 mm and 1650 mm, the machines can be adjusted to suit almost any specific configuration for processing workpieces. 

Homag Sandteq W-900 Top-class sanding technology for industrial sanding

This series is designed for fine sanding, lacquer sanding, calibrating, veneer sanding, improving surfaces, roughening surfaces and more. The heads for Sandteq W-900 series provide all the functions required in demanding industrial sanding and ensure a perfect processing result. The machines can be configured to meet specific requirements from eight different unit types. 

Homag intelliSanding App helps all sanding machine operators

This app provides support in sanding machine operation and is suitable for use with all sanding machine brands. It provides multifunctional digital tools that are tailored to the requirements of the sanding machine. These tools can help minimise errors, make production more efficient and open up new optimisation capabilities. 

International furniture brand creates multiple surface finishes with Sandteq 

The Danish furniture manufacturer Hammel Furniture designs and manufactures home furniture including cupboards, dining tables and coffee tables. It develops furniture with a clear focus on functionality and flexibility and has established a leading international furniture brand. 

When the company needed to invest in some new sanding machines the directors undertook extensive research to find the right supplier.  Four different manufacturers and their wide-belt sanding machines were inspected and tested. At the end of this process, Homag’s Sandteq machines impressed Hammel Furniture’s directors with their quality and extensive application properties.  

The directors selected the Sandteq W-325 CH and W-345 RQEH models which, due to their configurations, are ideally suited to processing veneered and painted surfaces. With the two new Homag sanding machines, Hammel Furniture developed new ways of manufacturing a resistant painted surface. Veneer sanding, fine sanding and intermediate varnish sanding are now achieved in a completely different way than in the past.  Commenting on this Jacob Helweg, Production Director, Hammel Furniture said: “Foodstuffs such as coffee or wine are aggressive and attack surfaces, but with the Sandteq machines, high-quality resistant surfaces can be created during sanding.”

Hammel Furniture is an excellent example of a business that has deployed Homag’s technology for over 20 years to produce popular, high quality and affordable furniture cost-effectively.

For a demonstration or more information on Homag’s machinery or software, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424.