EVA or PUR? There is a wide choice of hotmelt adhesives for edgebanding machines. Ostermann stands not only for diversity, but also for the best advice


Edging specialist, Ostermann, supplies a high quality selection of hotmelt adhesives for mechanical edging processing. But how do customers go about finding the right product? Here, the Ostermann experts inform on important basics and provide useful tips ...

Filled EVA adhesive is a ‘classic’ in furniture making and interior design. It is distinguished by its easy handling, a fine bondline and a lower tendency for stringing.

With unfilled EVA hotmelt adhesive, joints become thinner; you need less glue but higher feed speeds. To find the right hotmelt adhesive, use the filter function in the Ostermann online shop. This way, you can quickly narrow down the type of adhesive, colour, filler, manufacturer, feed speed of your machine or the type of container, and reach the best product for your individual requirements.

If you need resistance to heat and water, PUR hot melt adhesive is the product of choice

Waterproof? Choose PUR!

PUR adhesives are suited for rather difficult bonding tasks, for example in kitchen and bathroom furniture. The chemical cross-linking induces particularly high heat and water resistance. Moreover, the adhesive’s bonding strength and the chemical resistance of the joint are higher than with EVA adhesives. Glue consumption is lower and you can achieve a very thin joint, equalling a visually flawless bondline. If the machine is perfectly adjusted, you can even achieve the often sought ‘invisible bondline’ with PUR.

No fear of PUR

Many processors have considered changing to PUR for a while, but the need to clean their edgebanding machine after an application of PUR adhesive makes them hesitate. There is a video tutorial on this exact topic on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu. It shows in detail the necessary steps to change from EVA to PUR hotmelt adhesive and back.

For furniture which is not exposed to great heat or moisture, you can usually apply classic EVA hotmelt adhesive

PUR hotmelt adhesives from Ostermann’s own brand, REDOCOL, are particularly attractive; there is a large selection of high quality products at economical prices. In addition, Ostermann supplies matching products to clean the edgebanding machine. They are blue- or red-coloured for better identification, and available from different manufacturers and in different pack sizes.

Expert advice

Find frequent questions and corresponding answers from experts in a clear overview on the Ostermann website https://www.ostermann.eu/en_GB/page/basic-knowledge-hotmelt-adhesives. For further questions, give the Ostermann experts a call. The competent staff will be happy to help.