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If you are using the same static cabinet software and product data as your competitors, differentiating your business from your competition can be challenging.

That’s why Microvellum, a company specialising in AutoCAD-based CAD/CAM/CIM technology for more than 20 years, created a platform that can adapt to your specific processes, conforming to the way you want to quote projects, create drawings, engineer products and manufacture them.

Leveraging a platform to optimise your process

The days of chasing down project information from multiple software applications to complete a project should be over. However, many woodworking businesses still rely on disconnected software and manual workflows for each step of their process. By leveraging Microvellum, you can streamline your quoting, design, engineering and manufacturing processes with one platform.

Quoting and planning

Creating project quotes can be stressful but making them without knowing your true costs is even worse. Microvellum’s estimating tools are designed to make your life easier and enable you to quote your next project with confidence.

The comprehensive quoting system allows you to include pricing and details for all of material and all your hardware, right down to the last shelf-pin and screw. You can easily adjust labour rates, material costs and factor in machining, edgebanding, assembly, shipping and installation times to your quotes – allowing you to create accurate reports that are designed the way you want to quote projects.

Checkout counter in 2D, above, and below in 3D

Design and drafting

Producing submittal drawings, 3D models and presentation renderings for your projects can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. Microvellum’s platform can help you elevate your professionalism and improve your efficiencies when it comes to designing and drafting. The AutoCAD-based design and drafting environment provides a familiar interface for those that already use AutoCAD.

Professional 2D and 3D drawings can be created using a library of products that include instructions to automatically detail and annotate your plan, section and elevation views, saving you time and helping your team maintain consistency.

Experience the design and function of your products with 3D modelling, rendering and other advanced visualisation tools. The platform combines the power of Microvellum’s product library intelligence with the continuously evolving AutoCAD technology to deliver a design and drafting solution that is unmatched.


Most manufacturers have their own unique way of building products – whether it be construction options for certain cabinets, specific machining or even materials used for bespoke products. Without the right software, it may be difficult or time consuming to engineer products that meet your standards. Microvellum provides engineers with advanced tools for custom engineering of commercial and residential cabinetry, wardrobes and home organisation products, office furniture, toilet partitions, interior fitouts, shopfitting, bespoke joinery, custom products and more. It allows you to take control of how your designers and drafters interact with the product data – letting you create custom interfaces, alerts and warnings, automated annotations and detailing, and other parametric features to products.

The platform can also import and analyse 3D models from other applications such as Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks to create manufacturing data.

For manufacturers that want the freedom to build custom products, Microvellum’s dynamic platform has the flexibility to exceed expectations.


One of the most disconnected processes in many woodworking businesses today is the way manufacturing data is created. Often, relying on manual processes, or using a separate CAM software to create CNC machine programs, can result in human error or production delays. Microvellum’s manufacturing intelligence was developed to automate the design to manufacturing process. It seamlessly generates the optimised CNC programs from product lists or drawings for every machine in your factory – eliminating reliance on secondary software or manual programming.

It helps you spend less time looking for information and asking questions, and more time getting work done.

Reporting and project insights

Microvellum’s platform stores all project data within a unified database – making it easy to access critical project data such as products, cut lists, materials, hardware, costing and other information needed for reporting purposes. The platform comes with many purpose-built reports you can customise, but also includes an integrated Report Designer tool that allows you to tap into the open database to access all your projects, products and parts across your entire organisation to create custom reports.

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