Blum Drawers (left) versus Standard Cabinets and Wall Units (right)


When it comes to carefully planned storage, kitchens are where it matters most. With everything from crockery, cookware and cutlery to utensils, gadgets, food and all those bits and bobs such as scissors, batteries, chargers and pens, there’s a lot to fit in.

That’s where kitchen drawers can help. While cupboards and shelves are commonly used to create storage both above and below the worksurface, it’s the drawers that offer extra space with the option to organise thanks to dedicated fittings and inserts. As the leading name in precision engineered fittings, drawer runners, boxes, inserts, pull-outs and lift systems, Blum knows all about making the most of every inch.

Blum 1200mm Sink Unit

“Drawers are definitely the way to go with kitchen storage,” says Amanda Hughes, Blum Expert for Ergonomics at Blum UK. “They may be more of an investment piece than cupboards and shelves but they fit more in. This allows users to do away with wall units altogether if they wish – especially if they want to make a small kitchen feel larger – without worrying about the cost, as the total price tends to be about the same. Drawers provide more usable storage space and they are much more future-proof, as they are easier to access for all ages and abilities.”

Blum Legrabox and Tandembox

There are so many advantages to planning a kitchen with drawers rather than cupboards and shelves. Doing away with wall units altogether prevents the space from feeling cramped and closed in.

It’s a great way of making a small kitchen instantly feel lighter, brighter and larger plus there’s the bonus of being able to find everything quicker and easier.

Blum AMBIA-LINE before (above) and after (below)

No more hunting around the back of dark cupboards for that elusive colander. With drawers, nothing is lost at the back and everything is instantly accessible, saving time and energy.

Drawers also fit a lot more in and the bigger, the better. Extra wide 1200mm drawers for instance provide 15% more storage space than two standard 600mm drawers. Weight is also nothing to worry about, especially with Blum drawer boxes.

Depending on the width and runner system, LEGRABOX can hold 70kg and TANDEMBOX, 60kg. Use all around the kitchen, including the island.


For anyone looking to be more organised in their kitchen, Blum’s AMBIA-LINE inner dividing box system for LEGRABOX is a quick and efficient way of keeping loose bits and pieces in their place. Style-wise it’s sleek and streamlined with an on-trend black finish and slim frames that can be slotted wherever needed. Its fuss-free design allows users to hold the frames in place with magnets while anti-slip feet keep contents securely in place. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ images below show how easy it is to clear the clutter and ensure the kitchen drawer is a joy rather than a dread.

Island Unit with two 1400mm LEGRABOX Units

Drawers can also be used to make the under-sink space much more usable, too. Perfect for recycling bins, cleaning products, bin bags, dustpan and brush and all the paraphernalia that kitchens need to keep them clean and working efficiently.

Blum storage solutions can be found in all good kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and home offices. Contact Blum to find your nearest retailer.

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