Storage equipment manufacturer Stakapal have been producing racking solutions for the furniture and joinery industries for more than 55 years. Based in Cannock, Staffordshire, the factory produces probably the most widely used range of storage products for the UK panel products industry.

Having worked with the majority of leading organisations within the market, Stakapal designs bespoke solutions that will not only increase storage capacity but also improve overall picking rates.

With the knock-on effect currently being experienced within the supply chain, managing to stay both productive and profitable is becoming a challenge for every company. As the cost of materials continue to rise, the vast array of products now utilised in furniture production means the value of the stock held in your warehouse at any one time is also increasing. Whilst it may seem difficult to justify the expenditure in the current climate, you can potentially reduce costs by opting for a bespoke solution that has been specifically designed to streamline your operation.

Panel products can measure anywhere from 1200mm to 2800mm in length and from 900mm to 2070mm in depth making them difficult to pick when bulk stacked. Valuable warehouse space is wasted and costly damage to stock will often occur when products are constantly being moved around. By keeping damage down to a minimum, your racking should improve stock rotation and reduce any costs that were previously being incurred from obsolescence – So what are the options?

Cantilever racking

Our Cantilever Racking range offers 100% selectivity, and is an inherently adaptable system, which is designed using vertical, self-supporting uprights manufactured from fabricated steel for strength and safety. Single-sided racks can fit flush against the wall while a double-sided configuration allows the racking to be used to create storage space on either side of the central column. The racking uses arms instead of bays for horizontal storing and loading of stock which can be adjusted to suit any size of product and increase available capacity.

Wood-based panel products and sheet materials can be stored effectively on our Conventional, Free Path or Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking systems.

All of Stakapal’s Cantilever Racking is designed to the SEMA Code of Practice for the design of Static Cantilever Racking and/or FEM 10-2-09 and/or BS5950 Part 5 and/or BS EN 1993 -1-3 (Eurocode 3).

Pallet racking

For products which need to be stored in relatively small volumes, our Stakrak SR2000 Series Pallet Racking offers a lower budget alternative that has the flexibility to be adapted to your exact requirements.

Construction typically comprises of double sided and single sided runs of racking, separated by aisles which are dimensioned to suit the customers counterbalance forklift trucks or the more space efficient reach trucks.

Stakapal’s standard beams measure 2700mm wide by 1100-1200mm deep and fork spacers can be placed on beams which eliminates warping of products.

Safety as standard

Stakapal is a full member of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) which is a leading voice within the warehouse industry, promoting the safe design, manufacture, installation, and use of racking systems.

Stakapal’s products are therefore independently tested which guarantees they have been designed, manufactured, and installed to rigorously defined standards.

The company’s commitment to safety continues by ensuring that its in-house installers working on customers’ sites are registered and put through SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme), a unique initiative from SEMA which aims to raise safety standards at the point of installation.

Racking systems qualify as work equipment and, under PUWER, it is your responsibility to ensure they are in good working order, maintained and inspected correctly. A SEMA-approved racking inspector (SARI) satisfies the HSE’S criteria for a technically competent person to carry out an annual inspection as per HSG76 guidance.

Stakapal’s support doesn’t stop once the installation is finished, they have their own in-house SARI-qualified inspectors, who can undertake a comprehensive inspection and prepare a detailed report highlighting where repair work is considered necessary on an annual basis.

Stakapal says it is currently the only manufacturer to produce cantilever racking and pallet rackling as well as a full range of warehouse racking systems from within the UK.

The available space in your warehouse is an extremely valuable commodity that should be maximised to full capacity. Stakapal’s experienced in-house design and project teams provide a concept to completion service from initial site survey through to design, manufacture and finally installation.