The HOMAG Group, the world’s leading provider of integrated production solutions for the woodworking industry, has launched a new design software package. Named SmartWOP, the software has been specifically created to provide furniture manufacturers with a simple to use design tool that is intuitive and flexible.

SmartWOP is powerful CAD/CAM system for designing individual furniture quickly and spontaneously using the drag and drop method. Ideal for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office furniture manufacturers, its intuitive nature requires no previous CAD knowledge to operate.

From individual items to complete rooms

Using the room planning feature, users can design both individual pieces of furniture and entire rooms. Once the furniture has been designed, the operative can create all essential data such as CNC programs, parts lists for panel cutting, fixture lists and technical drawings at the touch of a button.

This information can be passed directly to HOMAG digital assistants and apps, including productionManager. To ensure everything works as it should without the need to make prototypes, there are numerous simulation options. These allow the user to check such things as the opening of doors and drawers or possible collisions with neighbouring components.

The software enables the easy allocation of fixtures and connectors thanks to a large library featuring all the common parts available from established manufacturers.

SmartWOP from HOMAG: The smart way to design furniture

Integration with woodWOP

The integrated interaction between woodWOP and SmartWOP permits operators to select a single part of furniture in SmartWOP and open it directly in woodWOP. Processing steps can then be added and saved in woodWOP. For clarity, all changes are transferred directly to SmartWOP and visualised there.

Furniture previously designed is stored in a separate library and can be called up or changed at any time. Original woodWOP components can also be added to the furniture very quickly.

Versatile and easy to use

Whether designing standard regular shaped furniture or more complex items to fit sloping ceilings or corners, SmartWOP makes it a simple task. The software also offers various display options such as exploded views of furniture items or finished rooms illustrating how all the pieces of furniture will look.

HOMAG software – the industry standard

Commenting on HOMAG’s new SmartWOP design software, Simon Brooks, HOMAG UK’s managing director said: “Over the years, many of the HOMAG Group’s software solutions have become the industry standard and this simple to use design software is destined to follow in their footsteps.

“Anything that helps the smaller manufacturers save time and money is always going to be popular. SmartWOP can be used by almost anyone, regardless of their software experience. That means companies don’t have to employ a qualified person to operate the software and that will make life easier for many of our customers.”

For a demonstration or more information on the new SmartWOP or other HOMAG software solutions, contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424.