Wyboud and Marianne Kloppenburg (brother and sister): third generation to lead family business Modesta


Energy consumption is a big expense for any factory owner – now more than ever. The perfect dust extraction solution uses just the capacity that’s needed in a specific moment, ensuring the lowest possible energy use. With a Modesta filter, this scenario is closer than you think.

In many factories, the biggest source of energy consumption is the dust extraction system. Most filter systems are suitable for the maximum volume required by the factory’s machinery, but are not designed to use energy efficiently when the machines are not running at maximum capacity. Switching from a basic ‘on or off’ extraction system to a modular solution has a quicker return-on-investment than one might think.

Multiple duct runs designed for optimum energy efficiency

Energy-efficiency, usability, safety

A modular system has many financial and technical advantages: for instance, better pressure at modern CNC machines, longer bag life, and having all controls and energy saving equipment in the same easy-to-use control panel as the filter. A smart filter system will help you reduce energy bills dramatically and contribute to your net-zero energy management strategy. Air to cloth ratios are low, ensuring the lowest operational costs possible. Furthermore, an energy-efficient system is more likely to qualify for grants. Although an initial investment is required, energy-saving technology results in lower total costs of ownership.

At Modesta, safety is a matter of the utmost concern. All Modesta systems have been designed to withstand explosion pressures of wood dust. Explosion burst panels are mounted clear of the filter bags and on the raw air side. Optionally these can point upward to allow for a clear explosion zone. ATEX safety equipment like the rotary valve are certified. This means that in an emergency, the rest of the production facility is safe.

Overcoming challenges

Admittedly, installing and putting to use a new dust extraction system has a big impact on a factory’s infrastructure. Replacing or adding capacity can be challenging. But it can and should be painless. At Modesta, working around existing ducting infrastructure to install multiple new main duct runs to machines and avoiding downtime are standard practice. Modesta has plenty of experience with negative pressure built-in cascading fans. The Dutch clean air specialist has been building these energy-saving systems since the late 90s and were the first to introduce a chain filter with this technology. Modesta’s team will gladly advise you on the different options available and tailor the solution to your specific business.

Modesta’s CF 50 Chain Filter

CF50 filter

This new model has been developed especially for medium-sized businesses. The system utilizes multiple smaller fan sets (up to 7.5kW) installed on the clean side of the system. This negative pressure filter is cleaned offline, for instance during breaks, with a shaker frame system. The square hopper and double Redler chain conveyor have been proven to be efficient since the 60s.

The beauty of this system is that it has all the ‘cleverness’ of the bigger, higher-pressure systems while keeping the investment lower. The system operates with one control panel monitoring pressure. With the right ducting layout and installation of automatic or manual dampers/blast gates, the system saves energy effortlessly. When a machine is turned on, the damper will open and the pressure in the system will drop. The filter reacts accordingly and simply switches on an extra fan. This works the other way around too. Not running your edge bander? The damper will close and fans will turn off, lowering the energy bill.

The CF50 is mostly suited for business requiring around 20,000 – 50,000m3/h. It only has one integrated control panel so there’s no need for complicated third-party control systems. Return air systems allow for the filtered air to be blown back into the building, making sure warm air is used to heat the factory.

Modesta’s CF 80 Chain Filter

CF80 filter

For higher pressure requirements with operating pressures between 4000 and 5000 Pascals, the CF80 is the solution. Equipped with compressed air cleaning and fan options up to 37kW, these beasts will really blow you away while keeping an eye on your energy usage and wallet. Specifically designed for longer duct runs and CNC machines with higher pressure and speed requirements, these systems will achieve what is necessary without breaking the bank on energy costs.

About Modesta

Modesta is a Dutch family business that has been serving some of the UK’s biggest interior businesses for years. Run by brother and sister Wyboud and Marianne Kloppenburg, the company has grown into a full-service business for the wood dust extraction industry. Working together with family-owned Sheffield and Huddersfield-based partner Extraction Solutions, Modesta provides the best and most energy-efficient extraction possible in the UK.