As a competent partner, Ostermann quickly and reliably supplies the trade with the right edgings for processing with modern zero bondline technologies


For over 10 years, Ostermann has been offering edgings to the trade for processing with zero bondline technologies. To date, millions of linear metres of Laser, Airtec and Infratec edgings have been sold. The three products are continuously adapted to the requirements of processors. An application technician is available to answer questions and provide workshops.

As partner to the trade, Ostermann has always specialised in the supply of small quantities; workshops can get furniture edgings from a length of just one metre. Even with the introduction of laser edgings more than 10 years ago, the company remained true to this strategy and supplies the edgings with a functional layer for zero bondline technologies in very small quantities, i.e. from one roll. After all, each business needs different colours and decors for their versatile projects.

Three types of zero bondline edgings are available today for processing with laser, hot air and infrared technology. Thanks to these three technologies, boards and edgings can be joined so closely they appear as if made from a single piece. In addition, the joint is particularly resistant to moisture, heat, and UV.

A lasting furniture quality is guaranteed by the quick initial adhesion and the hardness of the joint. All information on Ostermann’s zero bondline edgings is also available under the search item “zerobondline” on the Ostermann website

Perfect for small businesses

Some might now think: “A particularly thin joint? I can get that with PUR hotmelt, too!” –and in a way, they are right. Still, Ostermann’s zero bondline edgings are a useful alternative. “Many businesses are pursuing a two-track approach,” says Ostermann application technician Franz-Josef Volmering, “They work with machines that can process both PUR and zero bondline edgings.” With good reason. Due to short set-up times, zero bondline systems are ideal for changing projects as they occur every day, especially in the trade.

“Those who do not shy away from the investment costs for the system are therefore rewarded with the greatest possible flexibility. Ostermann supports this flexibility with an availability of diverse edging materials, colours and decors: all furniture edgings from the large range are of course also supplied with a functional layer for processing with zero bondline machines.

Continuously developed

The composition and manufacture of the high-quality functional layer have undergone continuous development over the past 10 years. This is primarily a result of the constructive cooperation between Ostermann and its customers.

Also, the edging specialist has permanently invested in new technology over the years and improved the quality of the functional layer. Today, it is based exclusively on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a particularly high-quality plastic. The diversity of colours has also steadily increased.

Accompaniment and advice

An important service when it comes to zero bondline edgings is competent advice. From the very beginning, Ostermann has accompanied its customers in the changeover to plants with zero bondline technology.

Starter sets and a visit from application technician Franz-Josef Volmering to set up a new system are an important part of the concept. The latter has thus already helped to put many edgebanding machines into operation. Once the machine is up and running, application technician Volmering remains at the customer’s disposal for workshops on site, responding to all questions regarding the best processing of Ostermann zero bondline edgings. This is a service that Ostermann customers throughout Europe appreciate.
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Ostermann services at a glance

  • Edgings from one metre
  • Edgings in every width up to 100mm
  • Edgings in various thicknesses
  • Edgings in ABS, Melamine, 3D-acrylic, Aluminium, Real wood veneer
  • Airtec edgings despatched after 2-4 working days
  • Laser edgings despatched after 2-4 working days
  • Infratec edgings despatched after 2-4 working days
  • Edgings pre-glued with hotmelt adhesive upon request
  • Europe’s largest immediately available edging range
  • All orders placed before 4pm are delivered within 24 hours