Henkel edgebanding adhesives cover PUR, PURME, PP and EVA technologies, and offer superior products at the right price with proven results –  just ask anyone using Henkel edgebanding adhesives across the UK and Europe.

Henkel offer an exceptional range of PUR adhesives supplied in Granules, 2KG blocks, 20KG drums and 200KG drums for all known edgebanding machines and applications. Henkel also have a range of ME (Micro Emissions) PURs ready for the changes coming in next year.

The tried and tested market leading Technomelt 270-7 has a proven winning background and probably the most versatile grade on the market offering exceptional high performance. However, it’s not just the adhesive that makes Henkel PUR adhesives the market leader, it’s the technical and onsite support offered by both Henkel and Kenyon’s that separates us from the rest of the field.  We don’t just sell adhesives; we live them and this includes supporting you!

Over the years PUR adhesives have been more accessible to customers who are edging and as technologies advance, PUR adhesives’ outstanding performance has become available to all edging customers delivering the finished goods to the highest standards. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a PUR adhesives and be kinder to the planet by switching to ME (micro emissions).

EVA based adhesives are still a big player and Henkel offer a range from filled to unfilled and everything else in between to suit every application. Edgebanding using EVA hot melt is commonly used due to the ease of use, but PUR adhesives have rapidly gained ground with incomparable benefits.  If joints need exceptional water or heat resistance then PUR adhesives are recommended as they have a significantly superior performance versus an EVA adhesive.

EVA hot melt adhesives are classed as filled and unfilled. Filled adhesives such as Technomelt KS220 and Technomelt 611 are generally lower costing but still offer exceptional performance and a high final bond strength. The addition of fillers can offer advantages such as preventing stringing and can be beneficial when running porous chipboard. Unfilled hot melt adhesives such as Technomelt KS351 can be applied at lower coat-weights, eliminating the glue line, and achieving tighter joints, offering high glue mileage and high final bond strength.

PP based adhesives have better hydrolysis and heat resistance than EVA based adhesives. They are easier to apply than PUR adhesive and like EVA hot melts, do not require a wax cleaner. PP based adhesives also lower the formation of strings at the application unit, whilst providing better stability in the melting equipment and can lower maintenance costs by their cleaner running characteristics. Technomelt KS 922 and KS 300 are proven PP adhesives

Remember PUR based adhesives will always outperform both EVA or PP adhesives for heat and moisture resistance!

“When deciding on the right adhesive for your edging application, take a look at the Henkel range, let’s talk glue,” says Steve Morrow at Kenyon Group.”

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